5 K-Pop idol outfits you can recreate on Halloween


The outfits that K-Pop idols wear can serve as ideas to dress up for Halloween and bring new characters to life in an original way.

Halloween night is the perfect opportunity to show a new facet and surprise everyone with your look. Don’t risk repeating someone else’s costume or choosing a common idea, better take up the ideas of K-Pop idols to look spectacular.

The singers of each group always present very original clothing styles and sometimes create trends. In other cases, their style is likely nothing out of the ordinary, but they become iconic outfits after the success of their music videos and performances.

Do you already have an outfit of this type in mind? Here we tell you 5 ideas that you can take up to use as a Halloween costume. Become your favorite idol while wearing a different style, best of all, you will wear clothes that you can repeat for normal days.


Wear a black short and crop top, combine it with socks of this same color. The key to this outfit will be a college-style jacket in purple and white. Wear white or matching sneakers and add accessories. You can also copy the hairstyle of one of the TWICE members.


You need a red dress, preferably with sleeves but you can wear any. Use socks of the same color and black sneakers with a ribbon to fasten them, you can also replace them with red or black ankle boots. Add accessories in the shape of a cross like those used by Joy and finally, use a crown in red, you can buy it or assemble it with a little lace and brooches.

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For this look you need a crop top or a black high neck sweater and a skirt in the same color. You will also need a black blazer, if it is shiny it will be much better, combine it with combat boots and socks. The key to this outfit will be the accessories, get several with a chain look, necklaces, earrings or belts. You will also need one that you can place on your face. Reinforce the look with makeup like the idol’s.


This white outfit will be ideal for your Halloween night. Wear white pants that are wide and combine it with a crop top with straps of the same color. Add some flats in nude color to make it look like you’re going barefoot. Add accessories like belts, earrings, and necklaces. Lastly, braid strands of your hair with white ribbons and shake your hair to make it look disheveled.


If you want to look like an idol without the dark Halloween theme, this outfit is for you. Get a plaid skirt, if it is of several colors it will be much better. Combine it with a crop top, fishnet stockings and combat boots in black. Add accessories like a wide belt, earrings, and bracelets.

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