5 K-pop hairstyles to shine on Christmas night


Take the necessary ideas of the looks of some K-pop singers and rappers for Christmas night and dazzle the guests with your radiant beauty. Give these simple hairstyles a try.

The December dates are ideal to show the best looks that you kept in your closet throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if your family organizes an elegant or intimate dinner, the key is that you have fun with your loved ones.

One of the elements that can not be missing in the presentations of K-pop gone are the costumes and incredible hairstyles, this is the perfect opportunity in which you can bring out your most creative stylist skills and see yourself as an artist.

Each of the celebrities of the South Korean girl groups have contributed fun ideas for you to build your festive hairstyle, you can try a more formal, fun, casual, homey and striking style.

Next, we will show you 5 easy, simple and shabby hairstyles so that you can be the center of attention throughout the Christmas season. These Korean pop idols will inspire you to become a star.



A hairstyle that can get you out of a fashion emergency is a sleek bun, but with a rebellious twist. Take Joy from Red Velvet’s look as inspiration, don’t forget the little front locks.

Space buns

Lisa is a girl who is not limited by her short hair, she adapts thousands of hairstyles to the length of her hair. You can make two small space buns and decorate them with brooches or leave them natural.

Half ponytail

A cute and feminine option is TWICE’s Mina’s hairstyle, the idol completed her look with wavy locks and more natural ones, resulting in a fun and daring style.

Wavy and accessories

GFRIEND’s Sowon is an idol with a different and colorful personality. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to look like a flirty girl, the colored clips will give more life to your hair.


Who said that flowers don’t go with Christmas? Follow Chungha’s hairstyle and put a nice ribbon on your hair, you can curl it or straighten it.


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