5 International Horror Films for Slasher Lovers


Fear is a universal language. Scary stories have been part of cultures for as long as anyone can remember them. Folk tales about monsters and demons trying to pay off those who misbehave were subjected to interpretation after interpretation until we got to the place where the horror is now. Instead of an oral tradition, it can now be seen in books, video games and, of course, in films.

Every January, cinemas are filled with cash collections in the form of cheap horror films, often in the form of slashers. For most of the existence of the slasher genre, it was considered an exploitation genre filled with longing, sex and blood with a meager budget made in an incredibly short period of time. For the most part, these are night bloody movies that are good for an evening with friends, but nothing more. However, some of them went on to become a star, which made them touchstones of American cinema. With this takeover comes international appeal.

Although the horror genre is loved all over the world, the slasher genre is not so popular all over the world. Coming up with a list of slashers from America is almost unfair to a large number of excellent slashers. But finding them from all over the world is a little more difficult. However, it says a lot about what some viewers find terrifying compared to others. With that said, there is nothing to choose from in the field of slashers abroad, not to mention entertainment films that are not pure garbage. However, there are a few films that resemble slasher, but also maybe something else besides nudity and blood.

Blood and black lace

The slasher genre probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the presence of Giallo’s films. Giallo is an Italian genre that mainly consists of exploitation films in the form of thrillers, detectives and yes, slashers. This genre became very popular in the 60s, when this record appeared. “Blood and Black Lace” is a 1964 film directed by the master of the genre Mario Bawa.

The plot is almost ridiculously straightforward, the masked killer is cracking down on the models of a fashion house. But where simplicity reigns in history, the scenery literally explodes with color. The mise en scene is permeated with color and style, and this creates a funny and strangely beautiful slasher that fans of the genre should experience to see the early beginnings of the genre.

I saw the devil

This Korean movie may be more in the thriller genre than in the slasher genre, but it still has some moments that will make viewers reel in more than some of the most intense slasher.

The plot of the film is familiar to fans of thrillers. A secret agent takes revenge on the serial killer who killed his fiance by forcing him to go through a series of extremely violent “catch and release” scenarios that border on torture. In one scene, a serial killer stabs a group of men in a van until the interior looks as if only his interior has turned a different color. This alone is worth the time of any slasher lover.

A bird with crystal plumage

Yes, this is another Italian Giallo film. This genre is too popular not to be included in this list. But there is no more influential director than Dario Argento, who shot The Bird with Crystal Plumage.

This film tells about an American writer investigating a series of murders after he witnessed an attempted murder in an art gallery. The mystery is intriguing, and there are some glimpses of what the slasher genre will eventually become. The classic hidden figure is here with some very noticeable leather gloves that can earn praise, and a raid of blades to chop – all this is here and important for slasher lovers.

An ominous dead trap

There’s definitely a lot of blood in this 1988 Japanese slasher. Squeamish viewers should probably avoid this entry, as it includes some explicit points that are definitely outdated.

In this film (which is unrelated to Sam Raimi’s “Sinister Dead” franchise), the aTV crew continues to investigate participation in a show that seems like a snuff film. It’s simple, but it works. But beyond that, it’s a slasher through and through, with the addition of some taste of an art-house cinema student. It’s even topped with a strangely hilarious soundtrack to subvert expectations. He is inventive in his murders and offers more than just teenagers in the house doing teenage things.

Perfect blue

Every list needs a controversial choice, and this one. It may not be considered a slasher, or it may even be missing some important aspects of a slasher. Nevertheless, there are moments of pure slasher horror film and even a few bloody murders.

This Japanese anime film tells about the psychological breakdown of a former pop star when she is engaged in her new career, when she is being pursued by an obsessive fan.


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