5 Indie Games to Play if You Like BioShock


Since the release of the original BioShock game in 2007, it has left a mark on the gaming industry. It was not only a solid first-person shooter with RPG elements, but also a study of the deep philosophical systems of American exceptionalism, total utilitarianism and objectivism. With everything she delves into, the BioShock series puts games in the realm of art.

Such a game cannot be copied, but there are definitely games with similar features. As for indie, there are many games rich in philosophy or with an environment similar to BioShock. BioShock is also famous for its zest, and there are plenty of indie games that have equally shocking twists.

We are happy with a few

Released in 2018, We Happy Few is an indie game set in an alternate history of 1960s England. Not only does it share an alternate history with BioShock, it also shares the features of a retro-futuristic city and has no shortage of creepy drug-fueled characters. Society is in the illusion of happiness, living in a dystopian nightmare.

Unlike BioShock, the game has three acts with three different characters. On Steam, the overall reviews are mostly positive. The game is loved for its fascinating world, crafting system, story missions and overall well-executed aesthetics. Unlike BioShock, the game leans more towards black humor.


SOMA was created by the same people as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Like BioShock, the game is incredibly atmospheric, philosophical and scary. This also happens in an underwater structure, very similar to the Rapture in BioShock. Many reviews of the game mention its similarity to BioShock, and philosophical themes resemble both BioShock and System Shock.

SOMA is a work of psychological horror, the main elements of which are the underwater atmosphere, an interesting story and how it solves social problems (especially with the help of artificial intelligence). This is one of those games that frighten, but also make the player think about what it means to be human.

Bendy and the ink machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an indie survival horror game inspired by BioShock. According to the plot, the owner of the studio in which the game takes place, Joey Drew, is similar to Andrew Ryan in the sense that he was a man with a strong vision that eventually led to the collapse of everything he built. In an interview with Game Reactor, game developer and co-creator Mike Mood said that most of their Bendy and the Ink Machine development team consisted of BioShock fans, resulting in visual effects and a time period reminiscent of BioShock.

These games have a lot in common not only in the plot and atmosphere. Bendy and the Ink Machine is also first-person with combat elements, and players can even find audio recordings detailing what happened to the studio and its employees.

Amnesia: Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most famous indie games. It was released in 2010, just three years after BioShock, and although it has less in common with BioShock than SOMA, its fans still overlap a lot. This is a first—person view, and there are a lot of dangers around, with the big difference being that unlike Bioshock, the only defense the player has is to hide.

The games rely more on Lovecraft horror than Bioshock, but they share the same level of fame thanks to their mechanics, atmosphere and narrative. Despite some differences, Amnesia and Bioshock have overlapping fan bases due to their memorable dark atmosphere and environmental storytelling.

Albino Lullaby

Albino Lullaby is an indie horror game. The game is Lynch and psychological in design and eeriness. Polygon called the game “Partly Stanley Parable and partly Alfred Hitchcock”. However, the game has mixed reviews because it is not finished yet. Only one of the three promised episodes has been released, and the last two are overdue.

Despite the fact that the trilogy seems abandoned, what is there is recognized as fantastic in its atmosphere. The game’s creative director, Justin Pappas, was actually a level designer in BioShock Infinite. The game’s bleakness is definitely reminiscent of BioShock, but at times it also plunges into comedy.

BioShock 4 is in development.


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