5 Ideas to decorate your room in the Korean style


Get to know some easy Korean ideas to transform your room. One is the spaces where you stay the most in the day is your room, there you sleep, do homework and have fun, it is your sanctuary, from time to time it is fun to redecorate, paint and give a new image to your room.

Have you ever considered getting inspiration from Korean rooms to design your own room? Well, this time we bring you 5 wonderful, simple and facial ideas to decorate your personal space in the Korean style.

You will not need as many materials or buy as many items, in addition to these tips they will develop your creativity and personality, after harmonizing your room inspired by Korean aesthetics you will have a different feeling and love your new room.

If you put these tips into action, share the result with us. <3


Do you love selfies ?, because one of the things that I could not miss in your Korean style room is a full body mirror, you can decorate it as you want and its function is to give your room more life.

Lamps or lights:

For a better lighting and use of space it is ideal that your curtains are light colors and have lamps with fun designs, you can also use series of various shapes to decorate your room in the Korean style.


A recommendation is to paint your room in pastel or very light colors, with these shades it will be easier for the decorations you use to match the background of your walls and everything will look harmonious.


Make sure that the areas of your room are very well distributed and separated, that is, the area where you do homework, where you have your records, your clothes and where you watch your favorite series.

Kawaii stuffed animals and items:

One of the most adorable decorations that will look amazing in your room are stuffed animals and kawaii figures, in addition to giving a touch to your bed, desk or bedside tables, your stuffed animals will be your companions every day.

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