5 ideal songs to meet EXO


5 ideal songs to meet EXO. These guys will win your heart with their incredible talent and personality.

EXO is one of the groups within the team that has greater concepts , has played a lot with their musical style, which is demonstrated on each album and on stage.

The company SM Entertainment is characterized by giving its groups many original concepts in which they can show their skills such as singing, dancing, performance and something else that is the star factor.

EXO is proof that versatility is key to establishing itself as one of the groups with the most proposal and innovation , being on the list of bands with the most followers in the world within this musical genre originating in South Korea .

This time we leave 5 songs from EXO to better know and enjoy their music.

This song speaks of a love that is already part of the past, but that left his heart struck like thunder, as time has changed on both sides and in the end he realizes that he follows it with all his soul.

This track belongs to the second Mini Album of the group ‘ Overdose ‘ released in 2014.

‘The strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ is a book by the writer , Robert Louis Stevenson and narrates the journey of a person suffering from multiple personality disorder, this causes that in his mind as a defense mechanism he creates different characters that They come to light when you need them.

It is a clear reference to the concept of this comeback .

This tune belongs to the album ‘ OBSESSION ‘, the group’s sixth album

This melody speaks of love can be an incredible ingredient of life, which is full of sweet moments , being a lifeguard on different occasions.

It belongs to THE WAR album , four EXO record material .

Artificial love
This song talks about a romance where feelings become artificial , because the one who loves does not know that part of their relationship is true and that it is a lie, they are on the tightrope of their emotions, because that person keeps looking for the other.

It belongs to the album ‘ EX’ACT ‘.

Baby Don’t Cry
It’s like EXO told to EXO-L your love will protect them until the end, all the pain that is due within beat him to move forward , ‘as if nothing had happened’.

It belongs to their first album ‘XOXO (Kiss & Hug)’.


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