5 horror movies about how to be a father


Parenting is a scary thing in itself, not to mention combining concept with horror. Horror films usually focus on the mother, often showcasing things like postpartum depression and danger to the baby, both incredibly important topics to address and perfect for horror. Films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Warning are just two of the many horrors that can be found with a focus on motherhood.

Where, then, are the films showing the horrors of fatherhood? In fact, there are many films that show the dark side of fatherhood, whether it’s the threat of the dearest daddy or something supernatural.


One of the most famous and revered examples of fatherhood in horror is Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s book The Shining. Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) he gets a job for the winter as a caretaker at the majestic Overlook Hotel, which is closed for the season, along with his wife Wendy (Shelly Duvall) and son Danny (Danny Lloyd). With a history of alcoholism and domestic abuse, once the family gets to the hotel, Jack becomes even more of a father from hell.

The hotel has a long history of driving its caretakers crazy with its ghosts preying on the darkest parts of their souls. Jack is no exception and gradually becomes more and more restless, starts drinking again and becomes more and more aggressive. Eventually he snaps and chases his family with an axe. The triumph of atmosphere and performances, “Radiance” is a great example of how not to be parents.


In 2010, the debut of James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s first film “Treachery” starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as Josh and Renai, parents who begin to go through hell when their young son suddenly falls into an unexplained coma. Along with the mysterious illness of their son, supernatural phenomena begin to occur in their house. It soon turns out that their son can go astral, and the entity known as the Demon with the lipstick face wants to use his body to enter the world of the living.

It turned out that Josh also had this ability when he was younger. Psychic Eliza (Lin Shay) helped him forget about it and escape from the evil Bride in black, who tried to do to him the same thing that happens to his son. Once this is found out, Josh must remember how to perform astral projection and travel to the space between life and death, known as Further, to save his boy.

Busan Train

The 2016 Korean horror film “Train to Busan”, after its release, revived the fading zombie genre thanks to tense battle scenes, frightening zombies and a truly touching story. Divorced workaholic father Seok-woo takes his daughter Su-an to her mother’s birthday party. To make the journey, they board a train to Busan, but unbeknownst to them or the other passengers, a woman with a mysterious illness boards the train, triggering a chain of events that makes a deadly, high-speed journey that seems impossible. Escape.

Together with other passengers, Seok-woo fights the influx of violent infected passengers, doing everything possible to protect his child from the horrors surrounding him. Along the way, Seok-woo transforms from a selfish, never-present father into a man who is willing to give everything to ensure the safety of his daughter.


In the late ’80s slasher, “Stepfather” Terry O’Quinn (“Stay Alive”) plays Henry Morrison, a man with deep-rooted commitment issues and a penchant for identity theft. Henry is a serial killer who opens the film by washing off his blood after killing his family. Fast forward a year, and Henry is now Jerry Blake, a real estate agent who married widow Susan and has a far from perfect relationship with his new stepdaughter, 16-year-old Stephanie.

Meanwhile, the brother of his previous victim publishes an article in the local newspaper about the murder, looking for any information about the person who did it. Stephanie begins to suspect her new father, and after she catches him chatting, her psychiatrist suddenly dies, and Jerry accuses her boyfriend of attempted rape. Jerry runs away from the couple, changes his identity again and starts a new family, all the while plotting the death of Susan and Stephanie.


Pumpkinhead is a horror movie about a vengeful father. Widowed father Ed Harley lives on his family’s farm with his young son Billy. When Ed runs away on business, Billy is killed by teenage tourists who hit him while he was riding his dirty bikes. Devastated, Ed goes to a local witch begging to resurrect his son, but she refuses. Instead, he asks for revenge, and despite the warning about the terrible price, Ed does what he needs for revenge.

What he needs to do is dig up the corpse, return it to the witch, and using his blood and the blood of his dead son, the corpse will resurrect and become a grotesque monster ready to do Ed’s orders.


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