5 heartbreaking deaths in slashers


While horror fans expect the number of bodies to accumulate in each slasher, there are some deaths that are really upsetting and sad to watch. These characters can be the best friends of the final girls, family members who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or people who appear on the screen for a short time and who are waiting for a cruel end. While the killers in these films are, of course, going to commit murder, there are some scenes that are particularly hard, painful and emotional to watch.

From the serious death in “Scream” (2022), which fans are still ashamed to think about, to one of the people Michael Myers kills in “Halloween” (1978), there are several deaths in slasher films that are as heartbreaking as they are important. part of the story.

Annie Brackett (Halloween, 1978)

The last girl’s best friend Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) Annie Brackett (Nancy Kice) is trying to have fun on Halloween night when Michael Myers kills her from the backseat of her car. This death is really sad, as Lori, Annie and Linda Van der Klok (P.J. Soules) are good friends who really care about each other and seem to be happy as usual in high school.

While a lot happens in Halloween movies, from the timeline of the Halloween franchise to how Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield, Illinois many times to kill people, Annie’s death is very emotional. Laurie expected a normal evening of childcare, but instead she mourns the loss of her two best friends, realizing that her life will never be the same. Laurie also has to come to terms with the fact that Michael almost killed her.

Maureen Evans (Scream 2, 1997)

Jada Pinkett-Smith starred in “Scream 2” as Maureen Evans, a young woman who, along with her boyfriend Phil Stevens (Omar Epps), attends a screening of “Stabbing.” Phil is a big horror fan, and Maureen is not at all. While Maureen suffers throughout most of the film, wanting the characters to show more intelligence, Phil goes to the toilet, where a Ghostly Face is known to stab him in the ear.

Maureen is killed during the show, and this makes the beginning shocking, which contributes to the fact that “Scream 2” is a great horror sequel. This is an absolutely horrible and disgusting way, especially considering that Maureen is brutally stabbed, and the audience is watching, thinking that this is part of the experience of watching the movie.

Cindy Berman (Fear Street, Part Two: 1978)

The end of “Fear Street, Part Two: 1978” is shocking, as fans learn that Gillian Jacob’s character, whose name was Nam K. Berman, is actually Ziggy, who survived the massacre at Camp Nightwing. Ziggy’s older sister (Sadie Sink) Cindy (Emily Rudd) offers herself to the killer as she wants to save Ziggy.

Not only is it sad to watch Cindy die, but it’s even worse to see an adult Ziggy still mourning the loss of her brother or sister. Ziggy may already be an adult, but she has isolated herself thanks to everything she has learned about the secret, and the other characters can see that Ziggy will never recover from this death.

Lorraine (X, 2022)

T.West’s X is full of storytelling lessons, and Jenna Ortega impresses as Lorraine, a young woman who accompanies her boyfriend R.J. (Owen Campbell) to the village to shoot an adult film. While it’s sad to watch other characters get killed, including Brittany Snow’s character Bobby-Lynn, who was eaten by an alligator, there’s something particularly upsetting about Lorraine’s death.

Howard (Steven Yure) and Pearl (Mia Goth) lock Lorraine in the basement and cause her a serious injury to her hand. While Lorraine looks at her bloody hand in shock, the audience cannot help but wish that she had found a way to escape. Lorraine’s death is even worse because she is so close to surviving, but Howard shoots her when she enters the front door of his house.

Dewey Riley (Scream, 2022)

It’s hard to overstate how sad it is to watch Dewey Riley die in “Scream” (2022). Not only is it heartbreaking to imagine that he won’t be watching David Arquette in future films, as the actor has gotten so used to this role, but also that Dewey was such a solid part of the slasher franchise.

No matter how many fans watch the fifth Scream movie, it will never be easy to watch Dewey’s death scene in the hospital. He confronts Ghostface, and after so many years of protecting the residents of Woodsboro, Dewey is killed. It’s hard to watch without tears, because Dewey has helped Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) so much, and he and Gail Weathers (Courteney Cox) still have so much left unsaid.