5 great RPGs to play with Xbox Game Pass


We recommend five great role-playing games from among all those available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which has a large number of them.

One of the great discoveries of this generation is Xbox Game Pass, a service whose main merit is having convinced us that this subscription model is not only not bad, but that it can be an inexhaustible source of opportunities to enjoy titles that perhaps , having to pay full price for them, we would not. RPG, in all its aspects, is one of the genres that has progressed the most in recent years and some of the best role-playing games on Xbox One are available on Game Pass, making a selection of the essentials below. Before going to them we have to make honorable mentions to games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which leaves the catalog this month, with what we are facing the last days to play it, Fable Anniversary, that although not strictly an RPG is a great way to discover the saga now that a reboot has been announced, and Fallout: New Vegas, one of the most beloved installments by fans.

Final Fantasy XV

After going through multiple difficulties and starting from the development of the missing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Hajime Tabata -now outside of Square Enix- and his team were able to create a delivery that, despite everything, was able to meet the expectations of the fans, always soaring. We say in spite of everything because Final Fantasy XV is not exempt from certain experiments that did not convince 100%, such as some dungeons developed in a “peculiar” way, unprecedented playable mechanics in the saga or the many combats that could be solved through quick time events.

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Of course, at the audiovisual level, it is not possible to put a single but to a splendid game in this section, with cinematic scenes – less frequent than in previous installments – absolutely spectacular and a fantastic soundtrack, as the saga has us used to. The plot section is also something that was very popular, where the friendship between Noctis, its protagonist, and his companions, took on an importance at the level of the main story, and with a plethora of characters to remember. In addition, it is a game with a huge amount of secondary activities and things to do, especially in the first half of the game, when we have more freedom.


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