5 great horror movies with perfect pace and tension


A horror movie is really nothing without pace. In the most disappointing films, there are cheap screeners and there is no sense of tension, and the audience doesn’t really care what happens to the characters. But when a horror movie is perfectly planned, it seems that anything can happen at any moment. Moviegoers want to feel like they can’t tear themselves away from watching for a minute, otherwise they’ll miss something important.

The best horror films understand how important tension is, and there are many popular and well-made films that fit this category. These films have smart characters, well-written scripts and a creepy tone that keeps the audience interested.

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Halloween (1978)

The pace of the 1978 movie “Halloween” really couldn’t be better, as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) spends what she thinks is an ordinary, ordinary night in her small town, looking after the kids and hanging out with her good friends. Instead, Laurie is fighting for survival with the terrible villain Michael Myers, diabolical and terrifying. Even the way Michael walks is perfect because he’s very slow, but still so scary.

The whole movie evokes a creepy and disturbing feeling when Laurie finds out the truth and tries to save the children she is looking after. When viewers look back at this movie, they like John Carpenter’s music and the sense of fear that Laurie feels, as it motivates her to resist and make sure she survives the night.

Get out (2017)

Jordan Peele fans are looking forward to “No,” his latest film, which will be released in theaters in the summer of 2022. Peel’s 2017 film “Away” has a memorable and important premise, as Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) meets the parents of his girlfriend Rose Armitage (Alison Williams) and realizes the horrifying truth. Chris’ best friend Rod Williams (Lil Rel Howery) is also a great supporting character in horror movies.

Get Out also has a lot of tension, as Chris has a terrible feeling for Rose’s family (and rightly so), and then he ends up in a Sunken Place. As the journey continues, and Chris meets different people in the house, he understands that it will not end well.

RunĀ  (2020)

Sarah Paulson’s thriller “Run” is better than “Misery” and has a similar premise: Diane Sherman is overprotective of her daughter Chloe (Kira Allen), who is now a teenager dreaming of leaving home and going to college. Chloe always thought she was sick and therefore couldn’t leave the house, but after a series of discoveries, Chloe finds out that her mom is just pretending.

“Running” is perfectly planned, and the tension can be removed with a knife as soon as the film really unfolds. Whether Chloe is trying to use her phone or search for something on the Internet without her mom’s knowledge, or she slips away to a local pharmacy during the movie, viewers won’t be able to look away. Chloe knows she has to save herself, and if her mom finds out what she’s doing, it’s all over. The fact that Chloe is so afraid of her parent defines the whole movie.

X (2022)

T.West’s 2022 horror film X tells a brilliant story of directors making an adult film, and there’s a perfect tension in that story as well. Whether it’s Bobby Lynn (Brittany Snow) eaten by an alligator or Lorraine (Jenna Ortega) stuck in the basement of Pearl (Mia Goth) and Howard (Stephen Yure), viewers are on edge wondering who will survive. and who will die.

One of the film’s best scenes is also the most intense, as Pearl and Maxine (Goth) experience a strange moment at Pearl and Howard’s house. Pearl touches Maxine’s face and dreams of becoming young and beautiful again, and Maxine is understandably completely baffled, wondering why she and others had to shoot this movie in this creepy countryside.

The Observer (2022)

It follows a popular horror movie, and its star, Micah Monroe, also stars in the creative and clever 2022 film The Watcher. Julia (Monroe) and her husband Francis (Carl Glusman) move to Bucharest, Romania, and when Julia tries to pass the time since she is not working right now, she is suspicious of the man she thinks is following her (played by Bern Gorman).

The pace of the “Observer” is incredible and impressive, and with each scene Julia feels more lonely and isolated, and the audience feels her pain. There’s a debate about sublime horror and the slasher genre, and Watcher has an art-house feel, as well as telling an entertaining and frightening story about a young woman trying to stay safe and figure out what’s really going on in her new city. By the time the audience comes to a conclusion, they’ve probably been holding their breath for a while.