5 GOT7 videos with great choreographies


GOT7’s MVs have gifted some of our favorite idol group choreographies. GOT7 members are always distinguished by the energy they convey to their fans through their performances, so it’s no surprise that some of their music videos feature incredible choreographies that amaze us all the time.

Although GOT7 has experimented with various musical styles, the essence of the K-Pop group is always present and their choreographies reflect that as well.

Do you remember a dance step that became iconic for this group? Here we show you some of GOT7’s choreographies that we find most surprising and that were part of their music videos.

Tell us in the comments which of these dance sequences is your favorite or if you think there is another GOT7 tune that deserves to be part of this list.


The Look MV not only presented us with incredible scenarios for each of the members, this era also gave us a surprising choreography that was distinguished by some of the team formations, among them are the figure that the members form with their arms to simulate the aperture of a photographic lens and those where they move their feet back and forth with speed. It should be noted that this choreography has moments where the GOT7 members do not appear together, which allowed us to see their skills and talents in a different way. Although Look’s MV gives us a glimpse of this choreography, the dance performance they did using Adidas outfits is our favorite to appreciate every step.

Hard Carry

The Hard Carry melody is one of the most popular among GOT7 songs, but the choreography for this song has as much merit as the MV. It is an energetic melody that builds its strength gradually, so that the coordination of the members takes us little by little to the chorus with steps full of force. Here is a Hard Carry dance practice so you can appreciate the steps of these idols.

Girls Girls Girls

GOT7’s debut song is also one of those that shows us some surprising choreography. In the MV the boys leave school and go to a place where they show off their dancing skills, but this choreography has some amazing martial arts tricks. One of them is the carriage ride that Mark gives in slow motion, which many people and some idols thought had been edited at a slower speed, however the live performances showed the reality. The closing of the song also has some timed turns between Mark and Jackson. Now this tune has a new choreography for live shows, but it retained the highlights and added a touch of intensity.


From the beginning, Lullaby’s choreography shows us an interesting line-up that continues with the coordinated movements of the GOT7 members. The exchange in the step speeds that GOT7 presents makes the performance of this song even more interesting, and like Look, Lullaby presents moments where only a few members perform sections of the choreography.

Not By The Moon

Not By The Moon is GOT7’s newest song and it also includes an energetic choreography with very artistic touches, the twists of the group members and the way they draw the moon with their arms add an extra touch to this exciting performance. . Not By The Moon’s MV and performances include an intense dance part at the end of the song, which shows the energy of the group members. Here is one of the presentations they made to show the dance steps of this song:

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