5 GOT7 Inspired Outfits That Will Make You Look Amazing


Get inspired by the fashion sense of the GOT7 members and create new outfits imitating their dressing style.

K-Pop idols show us many facets through the various comebacks that each group presents, to that we add the airport looks, the fashion for their performances and the clothes they wear daily, but in all cases, GOT7 achieves unique styles that we all want to wear.

If you analyze it carefully, that is not that difficult to achieve, since you can adapt the outfits of the boys that make up this idol group according to the clothes you already have or want to buy.

Therefore, this time we will tell you how to achieve outfits similar to those worn by some GOT7 members using some basic garments that you will find easily, you will also find very useful tips to exploit the potential of each garment.

Are you ready? Prepare your mirror and wardrobe, as you will create combinations that you will want to show off very soon in your photos.



To achieve this style of JB you can use shorts or pants in white, to create a contrast you must wear a crop top in black and on top of it a flared shirt in this same color, you can choose a striped or plaid shirt. Use tennis shoes to add a relaxed touch to this outfit, if you wear pants, black tennis shoes will look better, but if you wear shorts we recommend ones of the same color. Add accessories and an ideal bucket hat for this idol’s style.


For Yugyeom’s look you need a V-neck blouse or sweater, it can be white as the example, plaid, striped or transparent, this idol likes to wear all those designs. Another key piece will be skinny jeans and black will go great with any style of blouse you choose. Complement the outfit with patent leather shoes with lace, if you do not have you can replace them with ankle boots. Add accessories, Yugyeom’s favorites are berets and chokers.

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For a casual style like Mark’s you need jeans in blue, they can be worn for a more rebellious look, but any type of denim will do. You should also wear a black jacket, it can be made of leather or denim. Wear a shirt with black and white lines, this idol loves to wear long shirts that stand out from his jacket but you can opt for a crop top if it is more comfortable. Complement with some converse and accessories.


This outfit will be perfect for the cold season to come. Wear jeans in the color you like the most, black will always be a good option. Choose a high neck blouse or sweater with the same style and a coat, we suggest you use white, beige or honey colors, but you can experiment with other colors. Wear a belt and dress the sweater or blouse inside, choose shoes that go well with your combination and add accessories.


For the Youngjae inspired outfit you will use softer colors. Choose your favorite blue jeans and combine them with a basic cut white blouse or shirt, in a special touch for this look you will get it with a pastel denim jacket, a pink tone will be ideal. Add some white sneakers and accessories, you can get a more interesting look if you fold your jeans up a little.


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