5 games were free on Amazon Prime


Free games for February have been announced for Amazon Prime members. On Prime Gaming, users will get 5 games for free. Spinch, Monster Prom, Table Manners, Swinsanity and Stealth Bastard Deluxe became free.

The games are free for this month, so users must add them to their library by March 1.

Amazon Prime Gaming continues the good news of free games

Among the distributors that make gamers happy are Prime Gaming, along with Epic Games. Amazon offering new free games to Prime members every month.

One of the free games, Spinch takes place in a world of sparkling levels and complex obstacles. In the game, the adventure of the hyper-agile organism Spinch to rescue its offspring is centered.

In the other free game Stealth Bastard Deluxe, players direct a character with invisibility glasses. This character aims to sneak into a deadly facility.

Monster Prom takes place around absurd and funny events. It also has a multiplayer dating simulation definition.

On the other hand, Swinsanity is an action-themed game. A hero trying to survive in the underwater world is at the center of the game.

Table Manners has a theme similar to Monster Prom. This game is a dating simulator.

Prime members who add the above games to their library until March 1 will be able to keep the games forever.


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