5 Fortnite Franchises That Haven’t Had a Crossover Yet


It is known that Fortnite, a very popular battle royale game, has had one or two crazy crossovers over the years. While many gamers generally don’t treat them too favorably, many Fortnite players seem to love them, albeit in small doses. Since the first Infinity War crossover, Epic Games has added content from movie franchises to video games and even influencers to its popular Battle royale.

Since then, Battle Royale has collaborated with popular game franchises such as Resident Evil and Street Fighter, and even added cosmetics “Among Us”, in which various characters are presented in the form of skins for which players can exchange V-Bucks, or by participating in special events. Fortnite recently entered chapter three, and the recently released Tiny Tina’s Wonderland was even added to the game. There are many other franchises that colorful Battle royale could intersect with; here are five video game franchises that haven’t joined the battle yet.

Fortnite x FromSoftware

Although there are rumors that a crossover between Fortnite and Elden Ring could become a reality, the Battle Royale game did not yet have a name from FromSoftware at the time of the crossover. Although the developers added a tribute to the world-famous Sun Bros gesture praising the sun in the form of the “Praise the Tomato” emotion, there was no direct intersection between the two in the history of Fortnite.

Epic Games can choose a variety of favorite characters from the entire FromSoftware game library. Whether it’s Warrior Jar Alexander or Solaire of Astoria, there is someone from the Dark Souls or Elden Ring games who will definitely be a hit as a skin. Developers can also design a FromSoftware-like Fortnite area with medieval structures, and even the game’s construction mechanics can be redesigned in an old-school style as part of a FromSoft-inspired area.

Fortnite x Grand Theft Auto

Gangster Fortnite hasn’t been made yet, and a crossover with the Grand Theft Auto series would be the best way for a battle royale. Since Rockstar has confirmed that Grant Theft Auto 6 is in development, iconic items and characters from every Grand Theft Auto game that currently exist may also work in Rockstar’s favor. Crossovers in general tend to help boost the number of views of submitted video games, and if Rockstar wants as much attention as possible on the upcoming addition to their favorite franchise, this may be the way to do it.

There are already a lot of shootouts in the Fortnite gameplay, so a mafia-style battle with GTA characters may not be so far-fetched. A Grand Theft Auto crossover might have a map inspired by San Andreas or Vice City, where it would be a lot of fun to use a gauntlet to grab in Fortnite. With this crossover idea, players could also get their hands on Trevor’s skin or take Tommy’s signature Hawaiian T-shirt so that players’ own characters could flaunt.

Fortnite x Platoon

Epic Games has yet to make a crossover with the Nintendo franchise, but if it did, the Splatoon series would be a great start. Splatoon games are as colorful and vibrant as Fortnite itself, so an exciting gameplay can find a worthy place in your favorite battle royale. This big idea of Fortnite crossover can open up to players who need to implement new strategies to achieve victory.

Nintendo is no stranger to crossovers. In fact, the entire Super Smash Bros. series It revolves around large—scale crossovers between game franchises – both inside and outside of Nintendo’s own repertoire. Epic Games doesn’t necessarily have to have a new Fornite map for this crossover idea, but it definitely needs to include Inkling or Octoling skins and use Splatoon’s ink swimming mechanics to spice up the gameplay, perhaps by creating a special game mode. In the Splatoon-inspired game mode, players could switch from an ink gun to a regular weapon to spray ink all over the area, including on other players’ buildings, and use their ink streams to get from point A to point B.

Fortnite x Dungeons and Dragons

The Middle Ages and fantasy seem to be popular themes in the Fortnite creative center, and Epic Games can take advantage of this popularity by creating a crossover with one of the largest medieval fantasy franchises: Dungeons and Dragons. Although Epic has released a dragon-like Klombo in the Fortnite v19.10 update, it has yet to add real dragons or introduce real medieval gameplay.

A crossover between Fortnite and a franchise like Dungeons and Dragons could highlight melee weapon mechanics or bring bows and crossbows to the fore; it could even introduce magical abilities into Fortnite gameplay.