5 Final Fantasy Characters Who Outshine The Rest Of Their Party


There are more than enough fantastic game characters in the Final Fantasy franchise, but some of them are much better than others. These legendary members of the group stand head and shoulders above their peers, thanks to their character, fighting prowess and overall influence on the main plots of their games, which contributes to their status as fan favorites.

Due to the way many earlier parts of the series were developed, the best Final Fantasy characters are often minor members of the group, rather than the main characters of the games. As a result, it is not uncommon for one game character to outshine the rest of the group, as is the case with the following Final Fantasy characters.

Sabine (Final Fantasy 6)

Although Terra and Seles are the two main characters, neither of them actually comes close to topping the list when it comes to the best playable team members in Final Fantasy 6. The same cannot be said about Sian or Edgar, both of whom bring a lot. to the table, although in the end it’s the latter’s brother, Sabin, whom most fans consider the best character of the game.

His relationship with his brother creates an interesting plot, but perhaps it’s his relationship with Duncan and Vargas that really sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Sabin’s martial arts experience and unique combo team make him incredibly useful in combat, and the young prince can even drive a train at some point in the game.

Tifa (Final Fantasy 7)

Tifa’s role in Final Fantasy 7, another monk-style fighter, is much more important than many players consider her to be. She is one of the few constants in Cloud’s life, and it is thanks to his relationship with her that the spiky—haired hero and the players controlling him are eventually able to explore and uncover the secrets of his past life.

In Final Fantasy Remake, the character of Tifa is explored in more detail, with the addition of voice acting and improved graphical accuracy, which gives her much more depth than in the original game. Cloud may become the face of the project again, but it is Tifa who provides the heart, making her much more attractive and, in turn, a much more likeable game character.

Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)

In many early Final Fantasy games, the main characters were empty, and players could rename them as they pleased. Their non-existent personalities made it easier for players to project themselves onto them, which, as a result, made the gameplay more exciting. However, as voice acting permeated the series, this trend quickly began to change, as did how the heroes of Final Fantasy were created.

Vahn was the first main character with a fixed name, although for various reasons he remained a somewhat forgettable character. Lightning, on the other hand, turned out to be much more memorable, even if the games it appeared in were a bit lackluster. Her well-defined personality and stylish appearance make her an infinitely better character than the rest of the Final Fantasy 13 characters, although her sister Sera is at least some competition in the two sequels.

Safe (Final Fantasy 8)

Of course, you can only play for Safer in a very small part of Final Fantasy 8, but there are still strong arguments in favor of the fact that he is the best playable character in the game. Conceived as the main rival and, in many ways, the complete opposite of Squall, Safer is an incredibly deep character who manages to remain attractive despite the fact that his actions become more and more sinister as the game progresses.

In many ways, Safer is very similar to Cain from Final Fantasy 4, both in terms of his personality and his influence on the story. The fact that he can cut the summoning in half gives the Final Fantasy 8 man an advantage, as it remains one of the coolest and most shocking moments in the rich and legendary history of the series to date.

Auron (Final Fantasy 10)

Many consider the main cast of Final Fantasy 10 to be the best that the series has to offer, and there is a very good reason for this. Each of them has their own clearly defined motives to join Yuna in her quest, while the relationship between them helps to provide depth and intrigue in almost equal measures. With the possible exception of Kimari (whose past is too typical for some players), they are all great characters in their own right, but one stands out from the rest.

The role that Auron plays in the events of Final Fantasy 10 is key; helping to connect the past and the present, and also serves as a kind of role model for Yuna and Tidus. In many ways, he is the father figure that the latter has always wanted, but, like Jack, he is far from perfect and has his own problems that he needs to sort out.


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