5 fashion styles that Ariana Grande promotes


Throughout their artistic careers, Danna Paola and Ariana Grande have not only proven to be very talented, they have also set new fashions thanks to their incredible style. The singers stand out every time they wear a new hairstyle or a new garment, which style of these famous should you try next?

Ariana Grande and Danna Paola have more in common than we can imagine. Both girls have managed to develop as singers and actresses from a very young age, obtaining great recognition in the music industry thanks to the love and effort they put into each project they carry out.

In addition to their great talent, both have an incomparable beauty that has always been highly flattered by their followers, who do not hesitate to show their support at all times. Danna Paola and Ariana Grande have acquired great popularity through social networks such as Instagram, where they become a trend every time they update with a new photo or video.

While Ariana Grande is a fan of sharing photos with dark filters while posing with shiny clothes, her iconic ponytail and glitter here and there, Danna Paola falls in love with her followers by sharing selfies of her daily life, her favorite outfits and makeups that many of us would like recreate.

Singers always make their fans fall in love with new looks, hairstyles and amazing clothes. From their makeup to the shoes they wear, they both manage to look amazing wherever they go and there is no doubt that each one adds their own style to their image.

If you are a big fan of Ariana Grande and Danna Paola, we have for you some ideas inspired by the style of both actresses. Try to recreate the singers’ favorite hairstyles, makeups and outfits to look amazing in your day to day life and why not? Be the queen of Instagram.

Oversized sweatshirts

One of the most distinctive garments worn by Ariana Grande is the oversize sweatshirt, which is usually combined with long boots or shorts.

Danna Paola has also joined the fashion of wearing loose clothes and the truth is that she looks fabulous. You can also try it by wearing a knitted sweatshirt or sweater that is several sizes larger than the one you usually wear, combine it with your favorite clothes and accessories.


Both Danna Paola and Ariana Grande have shown their love for shiny shadows and on several occasions we have seen them wearing glitter on their eyelids or outlined in metallic tones, a new fashion that has become very popular in 2020.

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If you want to catch eyes, apply a little glitter on your eyelids to make the perfect contrast with your cat eye. Give your eyes a special touch by using mascara or false eyelashes if you are more daring.

For a more glowy effect, don’t forget to highlight the upper parts of your face using a little highlighter, and voila! No one will shine more than you. <3

Two high pigtails

A classic hairstyle from our childhood is back but in a more fashionable version. If you are a fan of wearing your hair up, you can try making two high ponytails to look amazing.

You can do it in the Ariana Grande style, perfectly combing all your hair and exposing your forehead, even winding a few strands around the base of the ponytails to hide the garter with which you created them.


If you want to look less formal, you can try the high ponytails in the style of Danna Paola, leaving free strands on your face or collecting only part of your hair and the rest loose. It’s up to you!

Mom Jeans and crop tops

Two basic clothes that we all need in our closet. High-waisted pants have become the best ally of Ariana Grande and Danna Paola, who usually combine them with crop tops and all kinds of blouses that help them highlight their figure.


You can try to make all kinds of combinations with your high-waisted pants, mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, giving it an extra touch by using the top that you like the most.

To complete your look you can choose your favorite sunglasses that match your outfit, or a handbag that gives it a different touch.

Nude lipsticks

One of the most striking parts of our face when it comes to putting on makeup are the lips. In recent years it has become a trend to wear a more neutral tone to give a natural touch to our look.

Nude lipsticks are the favorites of Ariana Grande and Danna Paola, these shades combine with everything and will make you look great. You can choose between a matte finish lipstick or a gloss to give it a different touch. Which one do you like the most?


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