5 dramas you should see at least once in your life


The dramas have conquered us over the years with their love stories, drama and comedy. Surely you have cried more than once with the episodes, you have been awake until dawn to finish each of the dramas.

If you are new to the world of K-Dramas and you don’t know anything about them, you can start with the first stories that became famous in South Korea and have had great popularity internationally, not only because of the history, but because of the actors, love between its protagonists, among others.

Discover new stories of dramas and start your marathon with these classics, we leave you a list of 10 dramas that you have to see if or if, these stories have remained as the favorites of some fans despite the time.

I hear your voice

Starring Lee Jong Suk, the drama tells the story of a lawyer who is assigned cases with very little chance of winning, but will meet a young student who has the ability to read people’s minds after having an accident. He will help him solve everything with him strange gift.

Boys Over Flowers

The drama par excellence, tells the story of a girl who manages to study at a prestigious school, where she will meet the F4, a group of elite friends who excel in different areas, they are the smartest and richest in school. The protagonist will suffer humiliation, will live a love triangle and will demonstrate that nothing and nobody will be able to trample on her.

Luna Hotel

If you like fantasy, incredible costumes and a visual aesthetic, this drama is for you, it tells the story of a girl who for her past sins is condemned to spend her life at the Hotel del Luna, which has tenants as ghosts A boy, who is an expert in hospitality, will come to this place where she will deal with the bad temper of her manager while they discover the way to love.

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Prince of coffee

A fun drama with many handsome boys, an arrogant boy will want to demonstrate to his grandmother that he can build a business that is in decline, so he decides to open a cafe where he includes handsome waiters to attract girls.

A girl, desperate to help her family with some money, decides to look for a job and is mistaken for a boy, so he will have to hide him identity.

Winter Sonata

It tells the story of a boy who, in search of his true father, changes schools, where he will be reunited with friends from his childhood. The story will make you cry, because it talks about the first love between the protagonist and his old friend; However, fate causes the boy’s death, leaving his partner in deep sadness.

10 years later, before she marries someone else, one of him friends arrives with him boyfriend, someone identical to him first love. Who is it and what is it hiding?


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