5 Dramas that will premiere on Netflix and you can not miss


Are you looking for new dramas? Netflix has prepared a series of premieres for this August. The world of K-dramas does not stop creating new stories that will capture you with their synopsis and characters, this new form of entertainment has become very popular and the streaming platform has opted for new Korean content.

From Love Alarm to “The King: Eternal Monarch”, Netflix has acquired the rights to various Korean series to stream them from its paid service. This August, new stories of love, action and drama will arrive that you will love.

The new K-Dramas will be released during the next month, we leave you a list with 5 dramas that will arrive on Netflix, discover their synopsis, write the date on your calendar and arm your marathon.

The world of the married

It narrates the life of a doctor with a perfect life next to him husband and son; however, she will discover him husband’s infidelity and seek revenge, not only from him, but from all those who kept this secret from him

Its premiere is expected on August 28.

Sweet munchies

Premiere: August 28.

If you love food, this drama is for you, it tells the story of a cook who makes a living with a night restaurant, but when he doesn’t have enough money, he will get an offer from a girl who works in the production of a television station, She is looking for a gay boy who can appear on a culinary show, he accepts and lies about her preferences. What will happen?

200 pounds beauty

Premiere: August 1.

It is a love and comedy movie that tells the life of Ha Na, a girl who helps the lipsync of a famous Korean singer. She always stays behind the scenes, as her appearance is not very attractive, but when the pop star humiliates her, she will change radically and become a beautiful girl.

Secret forest 2

Premiere: August 15.

It is considered the new Korean Stranger Things, it will narrate the rivalry of the police with the Prosecutor’s Office, who seek to seize control of the cases that are investigated and that are of a high level.

However, in the midst of the fight, the main prosecutor, who suffers from his emotions, will team up with a detective to solve a mysterious crime that involves the Prime Minister. Corruption, action and mystery await you in this drama.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Premiere: August 26

It tells the story of a talented pianist whose life and career is a failure, on him way, she will meet a boy who lives as a free spirit, without plans and without worrying about what others say, both will meet in a private academy . What will happen to their lives?

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