5 consumer rights in online shopping


Although many sites have addressed consumer rights in late 2020, with the Black Friday frenzy and other promotions, it is always important to return to this topic. That is why, in honor of World Consumer Day, which is celebrated on March 15, we decided to recall some important rights that often go unnoticed.

It is worth noting that, even if the law determines that companies and sellers respect these rights, this is not always the case. And, unfortunately, it is very common that, without knowing their rights, consumers accept – and even normalize – violations. That said, check out five rights below to never forget when shopping online!


The Consumer Protection Code (CDC) establishes the legal guarantee regardless of the provision in the contract. By law, the consumer has 30 days to complain about any problems with non-durable products or 90 days if they are durable.

In fact, when it comes to an essential product, such as a refrigerator or stove, the rule changes. In this case, as soon as the consumer finds the defect, he can already activate the supplier, who must exchange the item or return the amount paid immediately.


The right to withdraw is popular, as is the guarantee. According to the law, the consumer has up to 7 days, counting from his subscription or receipt of the service or product, to withdraw. In this case, no justification is necessary: ​​just inform the withdrawal to the website where the purchase was made. Once this is done, you must return the product and the website will make a refund including shipping and other fees.

This rule is not only valid for purchases made on the internet, but for all that take place outside the commercial establishment, especially by phone or at home. In fact, some sellers (especially on Instagram) use the possibility of giving up as part of marketing, as if it were a specific advantage of that product. So always stay tuned! After all, such a benefit is valid for all the cases explained above.


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