5 characters Piccolo would like to team up with


Piccolo from Dragon Ball tends to team up if the situation calls for it, but is unwilling to join forces with just any character.

Shonen is one of the most popular anime genres and there will never be a shortage of content in the area. Every year there is an awesome new anime joining the ranks of the older classics, but Dragon Ball is a series that feels timeless in many ways.

Many of the characters in the series have gone through substantial development, but Piccolo is one of the best and most extreme examples. Piccolo is one of several characters who have been able to successfully transition from villain to hero, but he still has selective standards of who he would fight side by side.

1. Android 17

Dragon Ball is a series that offers ample opportunities for redemption and if it weren’t for these kinds of possibilities, Android 17 would have been one of the many casualties in Dragon Ball Z.

One of the first big fights during the Androids saga is between 17 and Piccolo. With the growth these two characters have had, it would be extremely satisfying to see them form their own team and pool their skills.

2. Majin Buu

Buu is another Dragon Ball villain who managed to become one of the good guys, or rather, all the good stuff within the strange entity was channeled into his own character. Unfortunately, Dragon Ball Super has wasted Buu as a character, but that doesn’t hide the tremendous potential he has.

In fact, Piccolo and Buu’s malleable ability would make them a very unusual yet formidable team that would definitely be able to resist and attack. They would surely add an element of surprise to any fight.

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3. Goten

One of the strongest relationships formed within Dragon Ball is the unlikely bond between Gohan and Piccolo. For many different reasons this friendship matters, but Piccolo even becomes more of a father to Gohan than his actual father.

It would be nice to see Piccolo apply the same treatment to Goten and help him become the next great warrior. Goten certainly finds a kinship with Trunks, but Piccolo’s correct motivation could make them a very powerful alliance.

4. Whis

Ever since Beerus and Whis entered Dragon Ball, they have been characters who tend to stay on the sidelines and watch, except in extreme situations. Beerus has a very mocking attitude about Earth and its inhabitants, but Whis actually trains the characters.

As Piccolo is one of the best fighters in the right context, it would be exciting to see these two masters unite their skills and deliver a team that is all skill with no room for bullshit.

5. Vegeta

Piccolo’s bond with Vegeta has certainly come a long way and, as with Goku, these two initially disagreed. Vegeta did considerable damage to the innocent Nameks on Piccolo’s planet, but the Saiyan Prince has tried to redeem himself.

Piccolo has been able to recognize the growth that Vegeta has made. It would be a great turn of events if they could officially work as a team and firmly prove that they are stronger together than apart.


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