5 categories expected on Black Friday


Black Friday is coming, and many consumers are getting ready for shopping. The most organized have already made a list of the items they need, compared prices and even asked for a credit card limit increase. Others may not yet know what to buy during this promotion period.

If you are one of those who have not yet thought about what to spend their hard-earned money on, here is some good news: based on a study by NZN Intelligence, we have defined which are the five categories most expected by consumers this Black Friday. We are talking about the products that will be more disputed and are likely to receive more attention from merchants and retailers. If you still don’t know what to buy, consider keeping an eye on items in these categories so you don’t make mistakes when shopping.

1. Games

Games are certainly the focus of gamers on duty, and Black Friday is a good option to renew the catalog or buy that much-desired title on sale. One tip is to keep an eye on the games that have been released recently, as they should receive a substantial discount to encourage sales. In addition, packages with several games – the famous bundles – are an excellent alternative to buy more for less.

2. Cellphone

Smartphones also represent a very popular category on Black Friday, when several promotions make these devices an excellent gift option and a good opportunity to exchange that cell phone that is already getting old. The tip for this category is to focus on the differentials of each device, noting in which each model stands out. Taking into account the history of the brand and the opinion of other buyers is essential.

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3. Hardware

Processor, motherboard, memory, video card, source and storage modules are the main items in this category. Those planning to upgrade their computer or build a new PC need to keep an eye on these products. The important thing is to pay attention to the compatibility between the hardware components; buying a processor that fits on the motherboard and that works well with the memory modules purchased is essential to avoid frustration and waste of money.

4. Books

An excellent way to invest in knowledge and preparation is by buying books. Technical works or that fit the category of personal development can significantly help those who want to change their lives. And then there are those who just like a good novel or fiction book; for them, Black Friday is also a good shopping period, as several titles go on sale.

5. Computer accessories

To close the list, we have computer accessories as a category sought by consumers. We are talking about mouse, keyboard, headset, mousepad and many other products that can compose this division. Black Friday is a good time to complete the setup with good accessories and make the experience of using the computer – whether notebook or desktop – as complete and comfortable as possible.


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