5 Cashier Movies Worth Watching If You Liked “Best Shooter: Maverick”


Miles Teller is a well—known name in Hollywood, but recently the actor had a short break in his film career. Best Shooter: Maverick has revived his career as many fans appreciate what his playing as a Rooster has brought to the franchise.

If you are just discovering Miles Teller through the sequel to The Best Shooter, then here are a few more films in which you can see how talented this young actor is.

Here are 5 Miles Teller movies worth watching if you liked “Best Shooter: Maverick.”
Exciting now

In “Exciting Now,” Teller plays a popular high school student who starts spinning after a hard breakup. He meets shy Amy (Shailene Woodley), who solves her own problems. The two form a strong relationship that makes this film worth investing in.

While the plot sounds like any other ordinary teen romance movie, the gorgeous chemistry of Teller and Woodley lifts this film beyond that, along with the Steller supporting roles of Bob Odenkirk and Jennifer Jason Leigh. This is a charming story that makes you invest not only in their relationship, but also in their individual lives and future.

Bleeding for this

Teller plays Bleed for This damn well. In the film, Miles Teller plays a boxer who gets into a fatal car accident and breaks his neck. Doctors say he may never be able to walk again, but Teller is determined to get back in shape and get back in the ring. He is also assisted by his coach, played by Aaron Eckhart.

Sports comeback stories are always inspiring, but the most important part is getting the audience to care about the character. Teller achieves this in spades as he can play a likable character that fans want to see succeed. Not many people have seen it in cinemas, but it’s definitely an underrated gem.

War Dogs

Between the series “The Hangover” and “The Joker” Todd Phillips shot this hilarious and chaotic war drama. In War Dogs, Teller and Jonah Hill play two friends who become international arms dealers. As their business expands, the situations become darker and more dangerous.

Teller shines in this role as a seemingly innocent man who is bound by Hill’s character, who is a bad influence. Hill demonstrates one of his best roles, as well as an eccentric and hot-tempered character who constantly puts Teller’s life in danger without paying attention. Teller balances the film as Hill becomes increasingly unbalanced. He may not be a great man, but Teller’s character is cute and easy to root for.

Only the brave

Fans of Top Gun: Maverick will want to watch this movie, as this is the first collaboration between Miles Teller and director Joseph Kosinski. Based on true events, Only the Brave follows a group of firefighters who risk everything when they need to put out a fire. Teller plays an irresponsible character who joins the team to provide for his daughter. He finds a second family among the firefighters, which unfortunately ends in tragedy.

The film “Only the Brave” features a magnificent cast, which includes Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, James Badge Dale and Jennifer Connelly. Teller is a frustrating character, but it’s nice to watch him turn into a responsible member of the team. There are many charming moments, but it ends with an emotional punch in the gut.

The Whip

This is still Teller’s best performance by a mile. Teller plays a passionate drummer who wants to be the best. However, he has to face a cruel and ruthless teacher (J. K. Simmons), who constantly mocks him and scolds him. Nevertheless, Teller overcomes this and overcomes his own limitations in his quest for greatness.

What’s fascinating about this movie is that Teller’s character isn’t a very good person, but it’s impossible to root against him as he pursues his goals. He holds his own against Simmons, who manages to outshine everyone in every scene he participates in. While Simmons’ Academy Award—winning performance is something most would remember from Whiplash, Teller still gives a performance for the ages that deserves praise.