5 Blumhouse Films Combining Science Fiction and Horror


Since the genres of science fiction and horror are so closely related, a film that combines elements of both will always be a good idea. There is nothing scarier than events that have no simple explanations, and science fiction fans love to see memorable monsters and creatures that are often present in these stories.

Blumhouse is known for releasing amazing horror films, and many of the films of this production company also cover the genre of science fiction. These films tell fascinating stories about characters with abilities or investigating a mysterious situation to which there are no easy answers.

Dark Skies (2013)

“Dark Skies” is a thriller about aliens, in which Keri Russell played especially vividly in the role of Lacey Barrett, a wife and mother who understands that her two sons are in danger of being captured by aliens. When Lacey sees these creatures circling around her house and leaving her messages in the middle of the night, she does everything she can to protect her family.

Horror fans are wondering if there are aliens in Jordan Peele’s new film “No,” and while it will be interesting to find out the truth, “Dark Skies” remains a solid film about creatures that come to Earth and begin to influence the existence of a family. Lacey is understandably excited about what is happening, and the audience can’t help but feel the same horror, as the aliens seem to be omniscient beings, and they definitely have an advantage here.

Zone 51 (2015)

“Zone 51” is about Darrin, Ben and Reed going to a party. Reed leaves his friends, who see him standing on the road looking worried, lost and confused. Darrin and Ben don’t understand what’s going on, but the three buddies learn more about Area 51, which seems to be an alien base.

According to Box Office Mojo, “Zone 51” was released in a small print run in 16 theaters and grossed $7,556, making it one of the highest-grossing Blumhouse horror films. Critics were not big fans of this film, as it has a rating of 13% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer. The audience didn’t really like it either, since the audience rating on the site is 15%. Although it’s interesting to watch the main characters invest in aliens, and the film is told in the style of found footage, which makes it more creative, it’s not the best sci-fi horror movie.

Viral (2016)

Written by Christopher Landon, who has written several paranormal films along with Happy Death Day 2U (2019) and Freaky (2020), Viral tells the story of sisters Stacy (Anali Tipton) and Emma Drakeford (Sofia Black-D’Elia) who move to California and find out that there is a worm flu that strikes people.

Stacy and Emma are ideal characters who protect each other and try to stay safe, and “Viral” is an underrated horror film for teenagers, which touches on the themes of adaptation, growing up, as well as the strength and strength of the family. The sisters learn the bitter truth about their parents while fighting an outbreak of a terrible disease. The film grossed $551,760 worldwide.

The Invisible Man (2020)

“The Invisible Man” is a great monster movie in which Elisabeth Moss’ heroine Cecilia Cass learns the terrible truth about her husband Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and runs away from home. Adrian pretends to be dead, but Cecilia sees that he is still here and pursues her in an invisible suit.

One of the best horror films released in 2020, “The Invisible Man” combines elements of horror films, such as screeners, plot twists and an overall creepy tone, with a sci-fi story that Cecilia learns more about every day. While viewers always want to cheer up the main character, it seems even more important here, since Cecilia has spent years in an abusive relationship and deserves to be safe, free and away from him. The film is incredibly frightening and surprising until the very last frame.

Arsonist (2022)

In the 2022 remake of Firestarter, Ryan Kira Armstrong plays Charlie McGee, a young girl who is fascinated by her ability to set things and people on fire. Charlie, of course, is equally upset by her magical abilities, as she doesn’t fit in at school and worries about her future.

Firestarter combines horror and science fiction, and it’s a scary ride as government agents search for Charlie and don’t want her to try to live a normal, normal life. Although the remake is unlikely to be considered one of the best films based on the works of Stephen King, since it is not perfect, it tells a touching story about a child who finds himself in a situation that he never asked for. Armstrong shows excellent results.