5 Bitcoin News To Watch This Week


(September 28 – October 4) Bitcoin price rose to over $ 10,900 after yesterday’s Trump news. Bitcoin, which tried to break the resistance at $ 10,800 during the week and finally succeeded, is now testing the $ 11,000 level. So how will the Bitcoin price chart after 5 news that will be seen in the week of September 28 – October 4?

The cryptocurrency market has been partially flat over the past week. While the total value of the market was $ 354 billion on September 21, it was $ 351 billion as of September 28. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, which has 57% dominance, has a market value of $ 200 billion.

5 News to Follow This Week

  • The New York Times published a report on Donald Trump’s tax debt on Sunday. It was alleged in the report that Trump paid only 750 dollars in tax throughout the year in 2016 and 2017. This news, which Trump denies by saying “completely made up”, is expected to affect the markets. The rise of Bitcoin on Sunday night can also be explained by this news.
  • Donald Trump and Joe Biden, fighting for the 59th Presidential Election, will have their first presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29th. In this live broadcast discussion, events such as coronavirus, economy, and violence will be discussed. Wells Fargo strategist Michael Schumacher thinks this will be a “big breakthrough”.
  • Democratic Party members in the US are preparing to offer a $ 2.4 trillion stimulus package this week. After the incentive package talks, the current employment report will be published on Friday. This will be the last employment report published before the presidential election on November 3. This is expected to affect the presidential election and therefore the markets.
  • Although the VIX index shows that uncertainty in the stock markets continues, analysts like Willy Woo think the link between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 is weakening. According to these names, it can be seen that in the near future, Bitcoin and the stock market are starting to draw independent charts.
  • Bitcoin hash rate continues to increase at 139 TH / s. Bitcoin miners set a new hash record this month, up to 150 TH / s. The hash rate, which experienced a small drop after the record was broken, rose again as of September 25.
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