5 Best Tips for Beginners on MultiVersus


Fans of video games like to argue about which of their favorite characters will win in a fight. The list of games that actually allowed characters from different franchises to come face to face is small, so this debate has mostly remained speculation. However, thanks to MultiVersus, this is changing.

The newest entry in the mixed franchise action category is MultiVersus, a game that borrows much of its competitors’ past successes, as well as trying to innovate and move the genre forward. Fans of similar games will find a lot of familiarity in MultiVersus, but this familiarity can be deceptive, since this game has a lot that distinguishes it from others. Here are some of the most important tips for beginners who want to rush into battle.

Complete advanced training

Some players always skip learning in games, while others study each one. However, there are good reasons not to skip the advanced MultiVersus tutorials. While the basics can be easily understood, the more complex aspects of this deceptively cartoonish fighting game can take some time to understand. Even before new characters are added, there is a lot to learn here.

This is especially true for long-time Super Smash Bros. players who, after seeing how much MultiVersus is like another game, will want to immediately jump in and start killing opponents, counting on their skills in the previous game to carry them. . This is a mistake. There may be similarities between the two games, but MultiVersus is a separate beast with its own nuances, such as Dodge Jumping and Dodge Attacking. Players who want to make the most of their fighters, stages and unique game mechanics are required to complete advanced tutorials.

Consider the weight

Most of the important characteristics for each character are described in detail in the game. It’s easy to play as Batman and know exactly what moves he has and what damage he does, for example. However, there is one important characteristic that the game does not reveal, but the presence of which players will nevertheless feel during the game. Each character has a different weight, and weight is extremely important for determining how far a character will move after hitting it.

The powerful attack that instantly knocked out Harley Quinn could hardly move Superman. In a game whose essence is to knock an opponent out of the ring, it is obviously important to assess how difficult it will be to do this. Although the weights of the characters in the game are not explicitly specified, many players have started the hard work of determining these values. It’s worth spending some time studying one of these charts compiled by the players, or digging around in the lab to understand the effects of weight.

Know your finishers

As with all the best fighting games, MultiVersus has a huge variety of attacks for its characters. All of these attacks serve one of three main purposes: dealing damage, opening the target for subsequent strikes to create combos, or throwing the opponent back so that he can be finished off.

Every attack has a situation in which it shines, and knowing what purpose each attack is intended for will lead to a lot more knockouts than just spam attacks indiscriminately. Whether you’re taking on the Iron Giant for the first time or trying to master Shaggy, take time in the lab to practice various moves. Pay special attention to which ones cause damage or substitute the enemy, and which ones can be used to finish off weakened opponents.

Get benefits

Leveling up a character unlocks unique privileges for that character. Reaching level 9 unlocks access to trained skills that allow the character to learn the skills of other characters. This feature allows the player to customize their main role by choosing those perks that are best suited for them, either by strengthening their weaknesses or using their strengths.

Although learning perks from another character costs gold, the player receives a discount if he has already unlocked this perk by raising the level of the corresponding character. This means that even if the player is the main human Finn character, it might be worth taking the time to level up characters like Garnet or Bugs Bunny to get their perks. Take some time to test each character and their abilities, developing a plan for which ones are worth using in the future.

Play your part

Each character in MultiVersus belongs to one of five roles that roughly describe his capabilities on the battlefield: thug, killer, tank, support and magician. Each of them has their own style of play, which new players should know if they want to master the game. Players will always achieve greater success if they understand and play their role.

Thugs are reliable universal characters who perfectly deal damage to the enemy from the front line.


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