5 Best Quotes from Horror Series


A horror series has to function like a movie to be a truly scary and enjoyable experience, which means the characters have to be deep, the storylines provide enough answers for fans to continue, and quotes that are either funny or truly scary. Whether the characters joke about the situations they face or explain more about the horrors in front of them, the dialogue is often as memorable as the scenes hinting at danger and evil.

From the first season of “American Horror Story” to the TV adaptation of the beloved “Scream” franchise, there are many quotes from horror series that haunt viewers.

Violet is upset with her family in “American Horror Story: The Killer House” (2011)
“So now we’re the Addams family.”

Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga) moves into a new house at the beginning of the first season of “American Horror Story” with her mom Vivian (Connie Britton) and father Ben (Dylan McDermott), and immediately Violet makes a hilarious statement. While every season of “American Horror Story” attracts horror fans, the first season is remembered for the characters, each of whom hides dark secrets and creepy desires.

Violet’s quote is interesting because she talks not only about how creepy other people think her family is, but also about Ben and Vivian’s strange and passionate romance. Gomez and Morticia Adams may scare other people, but fans know how much they love each other.

Jake quotes a favorite horror author in the first season of “Scream”
“As Stephen King says, murder is like potato chips, you can’t stop at one.”

Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden) and Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young) have a dramatic relationship in the first season of the TV adaptation of “Scream,” which is better than people think. Jake also says a funny quote and refers to Stephen King’s book “Under the Dome”.

Since the best quotes from the Scream franchise are often meta and speak of fans’ love for the horror genre, Jake’s words are even better and memorable. The characters are as smart as they are in the movies, because they really appreciate scary stories and are shocked to find themselves in the middle of one of them.

Deb feels terrible about her creepy summer camp in Dead Of Summer (2016)
“I wanted to give you the best summer… I’m really sorry.”

Dead of Summer is an underrated teen horror television series in which Deb Carpenter (Elizabeth Mitchell) runs a summer camp and copes with the memories of losing her one true love. Deb apologizes for the horrors of the summer season, as vacationers and counselors become the target of an evil and dangerous supernatural figure.

There is an epic twist at the end of the series that changes the perception of the episodes that came before it, but Deb’s words are no less significant. Deb really wanted to give an unforgettable summer, and she can’t believe how quickly everything went wrong.

The killer talks to Sarah in Season 1 of Slasher (2016)
“I’ve never lied to you. People in this city lie all the time. Everyone has a secret. Secrets they take to the grave with them. Secrets they’re willing to kill to protect.”

When Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) returns to her hometown and opens an art gallery there, she is horrified to learn that a serial killer is on the loose. In a frightening and stunning scene, Sarah talks to Tom Winston (Patrick Garrow), a man who used to be a priest and brutally murdered her parents when her mother was pregnant.

“Slasher” is an ideal TV show for horror fans, and the first season is distinguished by the presence of all the distinctive features of this genre: from characters with secrets to the small town setting and the general mystery of the killer. Sarah is surprised that Tom is so honest with her, and he has a point that the residents of this particular place are hiding some really dark things.

Nell talks about the Crane house in the movie “Ghosts of the House on the Hill” (2018)
“Mom says that the house is like a body. And every house has eyes, bones and skin. Face. This room is like the heart of the house. No, not the heart, but the stomach.”

The Netflix series “Ghosts of the House on the Hill” is great to watch during Halloween and is proof of Mike Flanagan’s talent for telling incredibly creepy emotional stories. Eleanor “Nell” Crane (Victoria Pedretti) utters a beautiful, but creepy and memorable quote when she explains that their mother Olivia (Carla Gugino) always said that their childhood home is like a human body.

Olivia’s words are important because all the Crane siblings grew up in complete horror of the magnificent but terrible mansion in which they spent their early years. They have seen more death and pain than anyone should experience, and as a result, they have such terrible memories. Nell’s character “The Lady with the Bent Neck” is scary, and Nell also says some of the wisest things from the miniseries, as she knows that no one can get past such an injury.


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