5 atrocities committed by the boneless Ivar


Amazon Prime Video brought the latest wave of Vikings episodes to fan screens on December 30, with the deaths least expected by fans.

Everyone saw Ragnar’s favorite warrior son, Bjorn Ironside, die as the final episodes of the series that captured the attention of millions of fans around the world for 6 seasons, Vikings, just began.

In Vikings, regular viewers also saw Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) die at the hands of an English soldier while he sought to expand his territories in England. Some fans say it wasn’t the kind of death expected for the ruthless Vikings character.

During the 6 seasons of Vikings, Ivar committed heinous crimes that were not personified by the fans of the series. Here we tell you the worst things that Ragnar’s other son, Ivar the Boneless, did.

He kills his brother with an ax

As a teenager suffering from physical and psychological disability and suffering, Ivar killed his older brother Sigurd, after he made fun of the fact that no one loved the child, with the exception of his mother.

Resentful for the psychological abuse of which he was a victim, Ivar took an ax and threw it at his older brother, stabbing her in the abdomen and causing her death. Ivar instilled fear throughout the remainder of the Vikings series.

Torture the English priest

During the attack of the Vikings on the British church and after massacring the faithful, Ivar decided to torture the priest in order for the religious to embrace the faith that he professed so much.

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In the first episode of Vikings season 5, Ivar requested the casting of the crosses and then opened the priest’s mouth and shoved the liquid gold down his throat. Later, he dragged his body through the mud, tied to a frightened horse.

Burn his brother’s girlfriend alive

In season 5 of Vikings, Ivar burned Thora, the girlfriend of his brother Hvitserk. During the absence of his brother in Kattegat, the boneless took advantage of the moment to assassinate the inhabitants who resisted. Ivar burned Thora and the rest of her family who died in the flames.

Abandon his son in the forest

The day his wife, Freydis, gives birth to a baby in Vikings season 5, Ivar is horrified to discover that his son, with whom he has no genetic connection, has a disability like him.

Sorrowful at the idea that the boy would live a life of suffering similar to his own, the Boneless decided to abandon him in the forest. The poor baby finally dies in cold transit and eaten by the foxes that tear him to pieces.

Among other atrocities committed by Ivar throughout the Vikings’ career is the strangulation of his wife Freydis, after discovering that she had betrayed him by taking Bjorn with his army to Kattegat. This was the death that haunted him for the rest of his life.


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