5 Ariana Grande Photos You Can Easily Recreate At Home


Get inspired by the photos that Ariana Grande has posted on her social networks and recreate them from home while looking amazing.

The images of other people can work as a source of inspiration to prepare great photos that adorn your Instagram, music stars never fail to give us some creative ideas and with the help of Ariana Grande you will get photos full of charm.

If you are a fan of taking photos and showing them off on your social networks, surely you miss going out for a walk and finding the ideal places to pose as an expert, however, currently that activity can be complicated because going out without protection is a constant risk for you. Health.

That’s why today we bring some ideas for you, with a little time and being inspired by Ariana Grande you can get new photos from the comfort of your home.

Prepare your camera, phone and go through the spaces of your home from beginning to end to capture your image perfectly.



The first image will be very easy to imitate. Like Ariana Grande, find a corner in your house where there is free space to sit and create a contrast between the color of the wall and the floor, you can use the colors that are already in place or spread a dark colored fabric on the floor . Call your pet and position yourselves as in the photo below. Ariana has one leg extended while the other is bent, with one hand lightly support your pet so that it does not come out of the shot and the other place it close to your face.



To recreate this photo of Ariana Grande you must first find bright and colorful accessories such as necklaces and earrings, then fasten your hair in two small pigtails and decorate them, you can use some large stone earrings to do it. Position the camera so that it captures an angle similar to the one in the image we share below or ask someone else to help you. Make sure you’re in focus so the background isn’t relevant. To get the pink color (or a different one) you can resort to two options, one is to add a color filter from your phone, the other is to take the photo by placing a piece of cellophane on your camera, the paper must be the color that you want to add to the image.

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Prepare a completely black outfit and choose the place where you will take the photo, it must be a space with a curtain that stops the light from outside and preferably it is a solid color, if you do not have smooth curtains do not worry, just make sure that the color contrast with your outfit. Take this photo with flash or place a lamp in front of you. Ideally, you should capture this image when there is no interfering daylight, but you can perform different tests.


To imitate the following photograph of Ariana Grande, we recommend you go to the roof of your house or find a window from which you can see the sky. You should place the camera at a height below your shoulders and move away a bit, so that you capture the image in low angle. The objective will be to capture your pose and the sky in the background. You can also imitate Ariana’s outfit by wearing a black top and a pink sweatshirt or sweater.


The last photo also implies few requirements, choose an outfit that you love or imitate Ariana Grande’s with black stockings, heels, a shorts, a blazer and a matching bag. Place a bench or high chair in a free space, to obtain a background color that goes from the walls to the floor you can place a cloth hanging from your curtains or just on the floor next to a smooth wall without ornaments. Sit extending one leg and place the other on the bench or chair. You can turn to the camera or hide your face just like the singer did. Finally, put a black and white filter on the image.


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