5 altcoins with 100% potential! April’s favorites!


If you had previously invested in Polygon, Solana, Sandbox, Decentraland and other altcoins, you could have become a cryptocurrency millionaire. Of course, there are also many projects that have found their place on the market at the same time as these altcoins and are now deleted. Popular cryptocurrency analyst Joe Paris shared altcoins that could enrich his investor in the future.

Of course, Joe Paris is not a prophet, and his predictions about the future do not have to come true. In other words, you can still conduct your own research and assessments and shape your investments accordingly.

Metageroy (HERO)

The first altcoin mentioned in the list is Metahero (HERO). Metahero is a project that uses ultra—realistic 3D technologies to create 3D avatars and virtual objects for use in social networks, games, fashion, art and medicine.

HERO is a deflationary token with a commission from 0% to 10% per transaction. They also have smart staking, in which from 0% to 2% of each transaction is redistributed among all interested parties. There is also a burning from 0% to 2% for each transaction, the offer is reduced automatically. Joe believes that in the near future this project may receive serious prices.

Metacloud (CLOUD) and Life Crypto (LIFE)

Regarding this project focused on the metaverse, Joe says:

“Get ready for the opening of the hottest club in the Metaverse! A combination of physical and virtual worlds located directly in the Portuguese party center The Metacloud Club! Metacloud is another cryptocurrency game with a metaverse, and it is unique. In fact, they are engaged in crowdfunding, and the token generation event will appear in the next 30 days. They haven’t even set an official date and time yet.”

The third altcoin that Joe mentions in the list is Life Crypto (LIFE). Life Crypto is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Sending cryptocurrencies is often a time-consuming process. He has to copy and paste a long string of random numbers and symbols and verify the address is correct before sending. Joe says this project solves such a problem. Exponential betting returns are also significantly above average. With Life Crypto, you can earn up to 30% per annum per month, up to 35% for six months and up to 39% for 12 months.

Paribus (PBX) and Blocktopia (BLOCK)

Paribus is an inter—network borrowing and lending protocol for NFT, liquidity positions and synthetic assets based on the Cardano blockchain. The mission of Paribus is to unlock the true potential of these assets and turn them into functionally compatible financial instruments that can be used with DeFi protocols in any chain.

The latest favorite altcoin is Bloktopia (BLOK), which we announced here before it was sold. BLOK, whose price was significantly higher than the pre-sale price, brought mini-fortunes to early investors. Bloktopia is a 21-storey skyscraper describing 21 million Bitcoins (BTC). Bloktopia users will be able to earn income through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, game creation, networking and more, using the world’s most advanced 3D rendering engine in real time. Bloktopia will use this technology to create stunning visual effects and user interaction.