5 Altcoins to Follow This Week! here are the details


Bitcoin and many altcoins have entered the new week with gain in value. Some of these altcoins will witness developments to be followed throughout the week. Some of these news are about new projects that will emerge, while some are about technical developments.

The five altcoins we have been focusing on for the week of March 8-14 are NEM, Polkadot, Theta Network, Tron and Avalanche, respectively.

5 altcoins to track this week


  • Opening price of the week *: $ 0.7036
  • News this week: A snapshot will be taken on March 12 for the Symbol project, which will be launched on March 15th.
  • Why to follow: XEM users will be able to get 1 XYM for every 1 XEM they keep in their wallet on March 12. Symbol tokens will be sent to the new address created by the user while performing Opt-in. The opt-in transaction that can be made from NEM wallets is supported by exchanges such as Binance, Upbit, Huobi.

Polkadot (DOT)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 35.26
  • News this week: The Polkadot team announced that the chain will be restarted in the first days of this week, although it does not provide an exact date.
  • Why to follow it: In the course of work, some steps will be taken to optimize the Polkadot network. After the chain is restarted, 20 validators will be added per day until the number reaches 200. Their task will be to test the stability of the network. Polkadot will also hold an AMA on Ledger integration on Thursday.

Theta Network (THETA)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 4.44
  • This week’s news: Theta Network released version 2.2.0 last week. The random block reward feature included in this update will be implemented on March 11.
  • Why to follow it: There will be changes in the timing and size of TFUEL awards. Node operators will continue to earn the same amount of TFUELs over the long term. The system to be established will not affect the proof-of-stake type consensus mechanism used by Theta. Only; TFUEL awards will be changed as it is thought to increase productivity.

Tron (TRX)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 0.051
  • News this week: Tron users will be able to attend the Tron Century Mining event on Monday, March 8. The event is expected to last until June 7.
  • Why to follow it: Justin Sun promotes the event with the slogan “Win 5 with 1 Stake”. Users will be able to use JustSwap.org to mine and provide liquidity on platforms such as JustLend.org, SUN.io. Those who fulfill the conditions; collectively, TRX, BTT, JST, SUN and WIN.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Opening price of the week: $ 26.63

  • News this week: Avalanche management will hold an AMA for decentralized finance (DeFi) followers.
  • Why to follow it: Iva Wisher, the founder of Prosper, will attend the event, which will be held on Telegram. Based on Binance Smart Chain, Prosper allows users to create a liquidity pool by predicting 1-8-24 hours.

* The week’s opening price is based on March 8, 2021. Prices have been drawn from CoinGecko.


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