5 Altcoins Go Crazy While Bitcoin Falls: There Are Those Who Make It 1.400 Percent!


Bitcoin is down over 10 percent over the week, with other major altcoins following BTC’s price action. Meanwhile, the 5 altcoins are up over 200% regardless of market cap. Before we start the article, we would like to point out that the altcoins in question can decline as quickly as they rise, and each investor should invest in line with their own research. You can see the Bitcoin (BTC) price and detailed market data here.

These 5 altcoins rose the most while others fell

PAPPAY (PAPPAY) is at the top of the list, which we have quoted as Somanews, with an increase of 1,400 percent. The project recently carried out a coin burn. PAPPAY is a cryptocurrency that can be used for digital purchases and payments over the internet. Secondly, Ormeus Cash (OMC), owned by Ormeus Ecosystem, gained 964 percent.

Third, Web3 Inu (WEB3), a Rent-To-Earn token concept based on real-world data interacting in two different layers, experienced a 345 percent increase. Alien Shiba Inu (ASHIB), on the other hand, rose 344 percent. Alien Shiba Inu says it’s working on three flagship services projects: an NFT character collection for the game, a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a marketplace called AlienShibaInuCrew for earning games.

Finally, Leonidas Token (LEONIDAS) has seen an increase of 329 percent. “We aim to build a strong and engaged online community,” Leonidas said of the project. Our vision is to have a platform that people use to send NFT greeting cards to their loved ones.”