5 Altcoin News To Follow This Week


As of today, we have entered March. As every week, there are dozens of different altcoin news that can be followed this week. We have compiled five of them for you.

The five altcoins we are focusing on for the week of March 1-7 are Cardano, Kava, Elrond, Fantom, and PancakeSwap, respectively.

While some of these news have an effect that can directly affect the stock market transactions, some of them concern the development process of that crypto money project.

5 altcoins to track this week

Cardano (ADA)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 1.26
  • This week’s news: The long-awaited Mary update will be held on the evening of March 1st.
  • Why to follow: Cardano will be able to host new digital assets after the Mary update, and essentially will open up to the decentralized financial world. ADA holders will be able to trade seamlessly during the update. If you are going to make deposits / withdrawals with ADA during the day, be careful. Some exchanges will suspend these transactions in order to avoid problems.

Kava.io (KAVA)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 3.39
  • News this week: The Kava.io team will implement the Mainnet 5 update, which has been tested for several weeks, on March 4th.
  • Why follow it: Kava, a Cosmos-based project, will start using the recently implemented IBC technology. Chainlink-sourced data will begin to be transferred to different platforms via IBC. It is thought that this step will mean “more users and more partners for Cosmos and Kava”.

Elrond (eGOLD)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 135.76
  • News this week: The payment company Netopia in Romania will allow its customers to transact with eGOLD as of March 1.
  • Why to follow it: Netopia, one of the leading names of the local sector, provides e-payment infrastructure to more than 30 thousand customers, including names such as Carrefour, Tarom, and Selgros. Retailers using this infrastructure can receive payments with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, in addition to other methods. Elrond users will now be able to trade with eGOLD at these points.

Phantom (FTM)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 0.517
  • This week’s news: Phantom developers will try to improve the overall performance of the network after the incident that happened last week.
  • Why it should be followed: Due to a problem at Fantom Opera on February 25, the new block could not be approved on the network. The developer team resolved the issue after seven hours of work with the validators. In the statement dated February 27, it was announced that the development work will continue and some improvements will be made in the overall performance. Independently of this; Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje is trying to develop a Phantom-based yVault.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

  • Opening price of the week: $ 11.02
  • This week’s news: PancakeSwap announced that it will hold a new IFO on March 4th, this time featuring Yieldwatch (WATCH).
  • Why to follow: PancakeSwap users will be able to join IFO with liquidity tokens in their wallets. During the process, 8 million WATCH tokens will be sold for $ 0.10 each. CAKE-LP will be used to buy WATCH.


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