4×4 Legacies: Hope Needs To Face Her Reality (promo)


Legacies: Recently, The CW television station released the preview of the 4×4 episode of the Legacies series, and from what has been shown, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) will need to fight her true self throughout the season.

In the promo released, it is possible to see Hope face to face with her reality, while Alaric (Matthew Davis) trusts his team to help her, working together.

Check out the full preview below!

Malivore tries to separate the young while Hope fights her reality

The preview of the next episode of Season 4 shows the youths of Legacies realizing that Malivore is trying to separate them and Alaric seeks to bring the teenagers together so they can work as a team to defeat the enemy.

Meanwhile, Hope must face what’s in front of her, no matter what, and the episode’s title shows what’s next, as the young woman will apparently need to disappear to fight Malivore.

The hope now is that the Mystic Falls teenagers will be able to help the young woman fight the dangers that lie ahead, but for that they need to be united as a true team.

Titled “See You On The Other Side” (See You On The Other Side), the new chapter of The Vampire Diaries spin-off is due to air next Thursday, November 4th.

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