4th Industrial Revolution Can Correct Life After Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus outbreak affected the world, and it turned out painfully that we were not ready for such a pandemic as humanity. Industry 4.0 may play an important role in the rise of humanity in the new period.

Many countries around the world are trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. In this period, the value of technology becomes more prominent. Their way of working is integrated with more technology, education is moving home.

Life will not stop suddenly because of a virus. He has developed different methods to deal with different problems faced throughout human history. There will be new and innovative ways in the pandemic process.

Industry 4.0 can be the foundation of the future
We often hear Industry 4.0 or the 4th Industrial Revolution. In every corner of our country, an “Industry 4.0 and X” themed seminar, festival and education are held. Nevertheless, it was the pandemic that accelerated the transition process.

In the process we are in, it has been revealed how important the 4th industrial revolution is to maintain the normal flow of our lives. We do distance education, we hold our meetings over the internet, and we carry out our work over the internet. Online shopping is not an old thing, but we even get basic home needs online.

Of course, these are the only part of the job that affects people. There is also the data behind the scenes and a phenomenon called big data. It gives us the chance to monitor the outbreak, identify potential spreading processes before they happen, and get a meaningful result from the crowd of data we have.

Technology can solve problems
One of the most remarkable uses of new technologies recently is products made with 3D printers. Thanks to these printers, we know that respirators, masks, equipment are produced. Technology uses may not be as much.

With Industry 4.0, transactions can be carried out while maintaining social distance. For example, remote contracts can be signed using blockchain technologies. Artificial intelligence can enable remote data collection and decision making at factories.

Changes such as the Internet of industrial objects, cloud computing, remote access globally will bring many major changes. We can soon share our roads with autonomous vehicles and live our lives from a distance.

Digital DNA of societies
Every crisis and every major epidemic creates changes in the societies that face that problem. A similar situation will arise after this pandemic. Some researchers, thinkers and scientists say that this new digital change is embedded in the DNA of societies and must be accepted.

The needs of the United Nations for sustainable development include the concept of everyone’s health and everyone’s well-being. It is not in vain to make calls to all to act together and to act together in the current global crisis. Let’s see what humanity has learned and how it has changed while leaving this crisis period.


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