4K texture pack released for Valheim


The Valheim game, which has never lost its popularity since its release, continues to rise. The game, which constantly renews itself with updates, has brought the image quality to the maximum size with two new modes.

Valheim mods are support packs developed by Iron Gate Studio that provide significant improvements to the game’s visuals. The first mod offers realistic rock, wall, and castle textures. A high quality 4K resolution texture pack. The second mode is a package that provides Depth of Field and increases the clarity of the image.

Valheim realistic 4K texture pack

The mod with 4k texture pack contains all the environmental elements in and around the castle. BepInEx and Custom Texture mods are required to install this mod. The package contains rocks from the Vikings time. The appearance of the castles and stones in the game has a sense of ancient times. The rocks are slightly pale in color and have a color palette close to earth color.

This mode, which has high image quality, has a standard resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. However, the mod maker states that this mode technically exceeds 4k resolution and has a resolution of 4000 x 4000 pixels.

On the other hand, to install the mod, select and copy all of the files included in it. Then import the .PNG files into the “CustomTextures” folder.

Valheim Depth of field mode

Thanks to the mode that improves the depth of field, you can adjust the view distance at minimum and maximum value. For detailed information, the mod developer made the following statements explaining the package features:

“The game’s default minimum distance for Depth of Field is 50. The minimum tests I did made the game a little too blurry for me. With a little experimentation, the value of 75 has become a sweet spot for me. The default value of the mod is set to 75 and you can change it to your own taste. ”

“The default value for the game’s maximum depth distance is 3,000. This value seems fine to me. No objects are blurring at this point. If you want distant distances to be blurred, you can decrease this value a little. I left the default maximum value for this mod at 3,000. “


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