49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan Is Furious Over One NFL Rule


This offseason has been a busy one for San Francisco Fort Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan. But one NFL rule gives him a new enemy to focus on.

Speaking to the media this week, Shanahan complained that the NFL requires which hat he is allowed to wear during games. He said he was informed that he could not wear old hats that he liked.

“I have this beef with them right now,” Shanahan said via Sports Illustrated. “…This is a difficult question. They don’t let me choose my own. I am not allowed to wear the clothes of the [previous] year, so I can’t wear like the old one. I have to wear the new ones they give this year. Unfortunately, there is nothing I would like to wear. So hopefully we’ll figure it out or wait until Salute to Service.”

Shanahan did not specify who he was talking to, which forbids wearing his favorite hats. But he’s upset about it, even if he’s not going to fight it.

“These are just deals. I don’t want to overdo it and get a fine or something, but believe me, believe me, I’m upset about it,” Shanahan added.

The NFL has dealt with head coaches and their wardrobe choices before. Since 1993, the league has required coaches to wear clothing with team symbols on the field.

Gone are the days when coaches like Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi walked onto the field in a full suit and tie. Now you will be lucky to find a coach at least in a button-down shirt.

For Kyle Shanahan, this also applies to the choice of hats.


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