$ 460,000 Budget a Day for Astro Slide Smart Phone with Physical Keyboard


The budget collection campaign for Astro Slide, which was developed by Planet Computer and has a sliding physical keyboard, started in Indiegogo yesterday. A budget of $ 460,000 was collected in one day for the smartphone.

Planet Computers recently introduced the smartphone Astro Slide with a sliding physical keyboard. The company had launched a budget collection campaign in Indiegogo to produce the Astro Slide, a concept phone. The fund needed to produce Astro Slide was determined by the company as $ 200,000.

The budget campaign launched for Astro Slide exceeded the $ 200,000 limit in a short time with the support of several hundred participants. For the Astro Slide, which received great interest, a budget of 460,000 dollars was collected within 24 hours.

Astro Slide is not the first physical keyboard phone developed by Planet Computer. The company developed two more smart keyboards with the name Gemini PDA in 2018 and Cosmo Communicator last year.

The biggest difference from the pioneers of Astro Slide, following Gemini PDA and Cosmo Communicator, is seen by the operating system. The company, which previously used the Linux-based Sailfish operating system, decided to use Android 10 on Astro Slide. However, Planet Computers therefore has a dual boot feature.

Planet Computers will start production of Astro Slide after its fund raising campaign yesterday. The fund campaign in Indiegogo pre-orders the Astro Slide for $ 540. The company will start delivering Astro Slides a year later.

After the delivery to the pre-orderers, the phone will begin to retail. The retail price of the phone is said to be more expensive than $ 540. It is said that the retail price of Astro Slide can be 40 percent more than $ 540, which brings the price of Astro Slide to $ 900.

Promotional video of Astro Slide with physical keyboard:


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