The 44-year-old mystery at Doctor Who is finally resolved


An important mystery in Doctor Who, the BBC series that has been going on for 57 years, was resolved after 44 years. For years, it was thought that Doctor could only have 12 regenerations. However, with the final of the 12th season, it turned out that this is not actually the case. The mystery of the eight human faces seen in a scene in 1976 was finally resolved.

Doctor Who, who is one of the legends of the series world, has been broadcasting since 1963. The 57-year-old series now has millions of fans of all ages. The 12th season of the series, which has been broadcasting for many years, made the season finale on March 1. In the finale of the series, a piece of information appeared that surprised Doctor Who fans.

Until this time, Doctor Who was thought to have only 12 life restrictions. So when the 13th doctor died, it was thought that Doctor could not regenerate again. However, in the 12th season finale, it turned out that Doctor was actually immortal.

In fact, a scene showing Doctor’s previous transformations is also seen in a section in 1976. In 1976, in the Brain of Morbius department, Doctor Who was using a device to fight Morbius when he met the time lord Morbius. This scene featured the faces of third Doctor Jon Pertwee and second Doctor Patrick Troughton. However, the faces were not limited to this scene. The machine showed eight hundred more after two former Doctors.

These eight hundreds, seen in the Brain of Morbius episode in 1976, have led to a controversy among Doctor Who fans ever since. Although some people claim that the visible faces are the old regenerations of Morbius, it was understood that the faces belonged to Doctor with the final of the 12th season.

Speaking to Lance Who, the author of the 1996 Doctor Who: A Universe History book, Philip Hinchcliffe also said, “It is true to say that I am trying to imply that William Hartnell is not the first Doctor.”

Prior to William Hartnell, who played the first Doctor, the approach of Doctors was somewhere on the sidelines of the series opposite the 12 regeneration rules in The Deadly Assassin’s episode. Therefore, it was not even brought up again after the Brain of Morbius episode in 1976. Until Timeless Children, which was the final episode of the 12th season published last day.

The Timeless Children section has fully revealed the idea of ​​the undead Doctor in the Brain of Morbius section. Thus, it was revealed that the faces that appeared in the section in 1976 were other regenerations of Doctor. The Timeless Children episode solved an important mystery about the series, but put a much more important question before the fans: How many lives did Doctor actually live?


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