4 years later, Millie Bobby Brown turns to her flat Earth theory, stating that she believes in this theory


Once a flatlander, Millie Bobby Brown has changed her mind. The actress got a role in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” at the age of thirteen for the role of Eleven. Basically, she grew up in the spotlight. Today, she is well aware of the pros and cons of growing up as a star child, because when she once expressed her opinion about the Flat Earth theory, the trolls did not spare her.

The energetic actress not only knows how to play, but is also confident in her opinion. Perhaps this is what led to her rapid success. She grew up on the path to her success, from participating in a sci-fi show to starring in Enola Holmes. Now she had a great opportunity to prove her changed views on the theory of a flat Earth.

How Millie Bobby Brown Changed Her Mind about the Flat Earth Theory

Millie Bobby Brown proved that she no longer believes in the theory of the flight of the Earth. During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she took a lie detector test. During this, she touched on the topic of how she believed in the flat Earth theory when she was fourteen. Brown was asked if she still believes in the theory of a flat Earth, to which she replied bluntly “no.” A lie detector test decides whether it was true or not.

It was established that she was telling the truth. Perhaps it brought relief to herself and the people around her. But the 18-year-old girl added a comment to her answer. A curious teenager said: “I haven’t seen it yet,” talking about how she searches for the earth curve while on a plane.

Then the actress again gave several answers that could have been lies, and the results showed that she was truthful. At the age of fourteen, she was on Tik-Tok for a live broadcast when a fan asked her about the flat Earth theory. Now the actress has clearly transformed. Host Enola Holmes 2 was interviewed everywhere for her film with Henry Cavill, which was released in theaters on October 27.

Do you think her answer about the flat earth was sincere? Give your thoughts in the comments.


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