4 Ways to Bring Some Much-Needed Pops of Color to a Room


You were walking into your home the other day when it hit you: You live in a “baked potato house.”

The outside is tan or brown and the inside is white. Lots and lots of white.

When you watch home design shows, you notice they often mention adding pops of color to different rooms. Your recent epiphany made you realize your abode needs some of those pops — and the sooner the better!

As for how to go about adding some much-needed color, consider the following ideas:

1. Vibrant Artwork

You love black and white photos and have lots of them tastefully displayed on your walls. While you don’t have to take down your beloved photographs, consider adding some colorful art to the mix. For example, these Twirl, Twist and Hoop fine art prints feature great colors, can be ordered in a variety of sizes to complement your available wall space, and would look terrific on their own or all together. Go room by room and think about what types of artwork would go nicely on the walls. If you want to stick with your photography theme, you can always opt for color photos here and there or place the black and white shots in a few brightly painted frames.

2. Decorative Bookcases

In the living room and family room, you have large white or light wood bookcases that display all sorts of mementos as well as your favorite novels. An easy way to add a pop of color to this significant piece of furniture is by painting the insides. Choose a color you love and either paint the inside backs of the bookcases, or if it’s open in the rear, you can paint the edges of the shelves.

3. Pillows and Blankets

To jazz up a neutral couch, loveseat, or overstuffed chair, consider adding pillows in bright hues and/or a warm and fleecy throw. Indeed, this is an uber easy way to bring in some much-needed pops of color in a manner that’s budget-friendly, as well as comfortable. On chilly evenings, you’ll be glad you have the Mountain Red plush blanket from LL Bean to cover up with while binge-watching a show on Netflix, while your pooch rests her head on a royal blue pillow as she snuggles next to you on the sofa.

4. Bouquets of Flowers

Another quick, effective, and beautiful way to add pops of color is courtesy of Mother Nature — with flowers and plants, of course. The choice is yours: Research pet-friendly indoor plants that are easy to grow, and add several of those around the house for an immediate boost of lovely green. Or, you can treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers on a regular basis and display them in a colorful vase. Not too confident about your green thumb? No worries — silk flowers and plants look amazingly realistic these days. Visit your local craft store for options, and have fun putting together arrangements that will never wilt or turn brown.

Say Goodbye to the Baked Potato

Adding color to your neutral-color home doesn’t require a lot of money, nor does it call for painting walls vibrant shades or buying lots of new furniture or window coverings. By adding simple yet effective pops of color with artwork, a bit of paint, pillows, throws, and plants, your home will no longer look like a blah baked potato and instead will be a more cheerful and upbeat place to live.