4 Tips to put on makeup without staining your mouth mask


The pandemic came to modify the way you put on makeup, but with these tips you will look amazing wearing a mask. COVID-19 caused too many changes in the daily routine around the world, millions of people were affected by the contingency that caught humans off guard.

One measure to avoid spreading the disease is the use of masks or face masks, which, although in some countries it was common to wear them, in some other territories it was not fully implemented.

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The face mask has become one more garment within the daily clothing, modifying the way in which people make up, the fabric of the mask is constantly rose with the face so it seems a bit complicated to make a complete make up wearing mouthguards.

Today we show you 4 tips and tricks to wear makeup without staining your base, lipstick, or some other type of cosmetic. Check out these tips and get them started and tell us how it went in the comments.

Makeup base

If you use a very heavy makeup, this time choose to change to a lighter base and with a thinner coverage, just to correct some imperfections and unify the color of your face, if possible do not use bronzer or more layers of makeup, since that sweat can mix with these products, causing some type of infection.


It occupies matte lipsticks, avoid those with a more liquid consistency, if necessary, just pencil your lips so that the color lasts much longer.

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Seal with powders

To fix your makeup a good option is to seal with powders and not to use as many cream cosmetics, they will stay longer on your face and you will not have as many problems with your mask.

Use makeup fixer

If you usually end your makeup routine with creamy fixers or that moisturize the skin, try to avoid it, because they will make your makeup move, the option is to put a safe spray for your skin and without oils.


Since the lower area of ​​your face is in contact with the fabric of the mouthpiece, it is natural for it to undergo some changes, keep your skin clean, exfoliated and constantly hydrate your lips.


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