4 things that will make this half different in Bitcoin

4 things that will make this half different in Bitcoin. There are many factors that will make the Bitcoin block prize halfway in May different from the previous ones.

As of today, the expected block reward halfway in Bitcoin remains about 80 days. Available data indicate that the halfway will take place on 12 May.

As is known, leading crypto money has experienced two halves so far. The first was in 2012, the second was in 2016.

According to Coinbase , the impending halfway compared to 2012 and 2016 has remarkable differences, especially with market dynamics. First of all, the crypto money ecosystem has matured significantly. Crypto services made it easier to buy, hold, and use Bitcoin. It is also much easier to play and sell against Bitcoin. This was difficult in 2016 and none at all in 2012.

Cryptocurrencies also gained widespread reputation when compared to 2016 . Most people know at least about Bitcoin, and many leading institutions are involved.

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