4 Stray Kids Bang Chan Outfits That Show Their Swag


Look sensational and replicate Bang Chan’s dress style from Stray Kids, the leader of the band will become your best fashion consultant.

Some traits that identify Bang Chan is that he has leadership skills and knows how to listen to ideas from his fellow Stray Kids, the talented idol has used his ingenuity to create songs that reach the hearts of STAY.

Bang Chan is an artist who is inspired by different elements in order to generate an idea that expresses his particular vision, when it comes to fashion, the leader of Stray Kids is not afraid to show his best side.

Christopher Chan’s style could be defined as urban, casual and risky, using unique designs that bring more creativity to his outfits, showing that his swag and charisma stand out on stage and off.

On this occasion we present you 4 fabulous outfits inspired by the Bang Chan style of Stray Kids, implement the looks in your day to day and wear your love for the rapper in your clothes. How about?



A combination that shows your style and your personality is to mix black clothes with demin, Bang Chan wears these outfits a lot, dark colors cannot be missing from the Stray Kids leader’s closet.


Cold days are ideal to stay in bed, but don’t lose your style and get inspired by Bang Chan from Stray Kids to wear a sporty, cool and colorful outfit. You can change the pants for a skirt and you already have another outfit.

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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan style is cagey, the idol’s clothing collection is awash in dark colors, but he always adds a splash of color with baggy clothes. Do you like this look?


One of the colors that makes you stand out on cold days is pink, a hue that expresses your sense of humor and romance. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan wore this sensational outfit one winter day, the JYP idol gifted his fans with an iconic look.

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