4 Outfits Inspired By Stray Kids Hyunjin And Her Style


K-Pop gone are the best inspiration when it comes to fashion, take up Hyunjin’s ideas and look just as cool as this Stray Kids member in your day-to-day life.

The fashion for K-Pop idols knows no bounds, whether we see them on stage, on a variety show, or on their arrival at an airport, these singers always manage to look great. If you are a fan of Stray Kids you will love to inspire your outfits in Hyunjin and his sense of fashion.

This idol has experimented with his looks and never ceases to amaze us with the twists and turns that his image gives, since despite his kind personality, he can leave a great impact thanks to his outfits full of strength.

There are elements that are constant in their outfits, but you can use some of the clothes that you have in your closet to imitate the style of Hyunjin from SKZ when dressing.

Prepare your mirror and wardrobe, follow the tips we share with you and get a K-Pop idol look.



This look has classy details but is still a very comfortable outfit. You need a black skirt, if you prefer you can substitute it with jeans of the same color. The most important part will be wearing a plaid shirt, ideally a beige one, but you can experiment with other colors. Add matching tennis shoes and a black beret. Complement your look with some accessories such as large earrings or necklaces.


Choose a blue denim shorts that you like, it can be high-waisted. Add a white crop top and sports socks in the same color. Wear black tennis shoes with laces, they can be Vans or Converse style. Finally, use a red bomber jacket to create a great contrast for your outfit.

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For this Hyunjin look you will need black jeans and a shirt of the same color with a colorful print. Add a blue denim shirt or jacket. To give it a great touch, you must tuck in your shirt and place a matching belt, add accessories and wear shoes that add points to your look, they can be white tennis shoes or combat boots.


This look from the SKZ member will be very easy to achieve, wear blue jeans and combine with a black crop top, you will get a better effect if your pants are high-waisted and a bit wide. Combine with the tennis that you like the most in white and to finish, use a white blouse or shirt with buttons and black or blue lines, to look amazing you can tuck only part of your shirt and leave the rest loose. Don’t forget to add accessories.


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