4 Outfits Inspired By MAMAMOO’s AYA, Her Latest MV


Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein returned to the music scene with their 10th mini album entitled ‘TRAVEL’, inspired by the MV for ‘AYA’ to create amazing and fun looks.

The 4 rappers and singers from the entertainment agency Rainbow Bridge World made their long-awaited comeback on November 3, the artists presented ‘AYA’, a song with an exotic and different style.

MAMAMOO had already released a single to promote ‘TRAVEL’, ‘Dingga’ and ‘AYA’ belong to the same record material, but the artists wanted to show their different facets in this comeback, with which they close the year with a flourish.

The South Korean girl group is distinguished by not following stereotypes, they create their own concepts, work in the creative and musical area of ​​each of their projects, so this album has its own label.

This time we created 4 outfits inspired by the looks that the MAMAMOO girls wore in the music video for ‘AYA’, take inspiration from Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein, let yourself be carried away by their rhythm and style.



This look from Wheein for ‘AYA’ is very flowy, transparent fabrics and with a lot of movement, today we wanted to give it a twist using similar elements so that your look is more comfortable and according to the season.


In the MV for ‘AYA’, Solar appears with an outfit inspired by the tiger skin, the stylists created a bold and strong look for the leader of MAMAMOO, you can change the boots and wear more comfortable and relaxed shoes.


Moonbyul’s looks always reflect her personality, the MAMAMOO rapper looked very elegant and feminine with this outfit in black and gold details. Did you like the outfit of the Rainbow Bridge World idol?


Hwasa MAMAMOO wore different outfits in the music video for ‘AYA’, the idol experimented with many textures such as animal print and faux, which is the jacket she comes out with while posing for the camera.

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