4 features that are coming to WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most famous messengers in the world and appears as the main messaging app in Brazil and other countries. In order to improve the tool, recent rumors indicate that five long-awaited tools are being developed and should reach the final version soon; are they:

1. Same account on more than one device

Spotted by WABetaInfo in July and with the first signs of developments seen in March, the use of the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices could soon become a reality.

This tool has been awaited for years, and the wait was intensified after the introduction of business accounts. Synchronization between multiple devices would be especially useful to manage a support account or delivery orders by the messenger, in addition to making life easier for a user who is transitioning between an old device to a new one, dispensing with the definitive switching of devices and probably speeding up the process.

2. Silence forever

The maximum possible time to silence groups of the messenger is one year. This term puts an expiration date on the settings placed on the app, which eventually disturbs you when a group perpetuates for more than a year and notifies you again.

Fortunately, that should soon change: WABetaInfo also guaranteed a capture of a trial version of the messenger with the option to “Silence forever”. Therefore, groups can be silenced indefinitely on any account.

3. Self-destructive messages

This tool already exists in one of WhatsApp’s main competitors, Telegram and, sooner or later, it should show up in the public version of the messenger. In English, “View Once” will be a tool similar to the one on Snapchat: messages listed as “self-destructive” will be deleted from the recipient’s cell phone as soon as the chat room is closed or for the time determined by the sender.

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4. Hide call buttons

Focused on verified business accounts, the function of hiding the video or voice call buttons can be implemented soon. In many cases, the user of a business account does not intend to contact his customers by voice or video calls and the buttons can result in occasional accidental calls.

The novelty, then, will circumvent accidental calls by hiding unwanted buttons from the chat tab, preventing them from being pressed by mistake.

There is no forecast for the arrival of any of these news; but these leaks indicate that they have all been considered and are undergoing internal company tests. Looking forward to one or remembering another unlisted feature? Comment!


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