4 Euros on Netflix: new cheap service plan


Tested (successfully) in Malaysia in 2018 and exported to India last year, Netflix’s Mobile plan limits the consumption of series and movies on the platform to the field of mobile and tablet, and is therefore only compatible with Android and iOS systems. And it is that, especially in the least favored areas, not everyone has a TV nor can they spend between the 500 and 800 rupees that Netflix plans cost, from Basic to Premium.

Netflix lowcost mobile only

But with the standardization in the prices of low-cost mobiles and the Internet, the plan of 199 rupees, 2.3 euros to change, allows these people to have Netflix at home, watching content at a maximum of 480p (SD resolution ) so that data consumption does not skyrocket.

Following these parts of the world, Netflix continued to expand the boundaries of its plan, launching mobile subscription in two other countries, the Philippines and Thailand. According to the local newspaper BusinessWorld, many Filipino users consume Netflix content on their mobile phones – an average of 3 hours a day -, which is why the VOD service decided to offer them the new mobile service.

With a cost of 149 Philippine pesos in the Philippines and 99 Thai baht in Thailand, in exchange we see that more or less is the 2.5 euros that we have been seeing from Malaysia.

Netflix Mobile + HD for € 4

As Asia’s third largest economy, India is one of the fastest growing emerging markets today. Its population wants smart mobiles like those in the West. He wants WhatsApp. He also wants Netflix. The Mobile plan is ideal for the country. And seeing how well it has turned out, the streaming content service has decided to try yet another plan in this territory: the Mobile + or Mobile + plan.

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What does it consist of? Well, in a more Premium version of the original mobile plan that includes two new features: HD content -in front of the SD at 480p of the normal mobile plan-; and the option to see it on mobiles, tablets and also laptops -the original was only on mobiles and tablets. In this way, for a little more money Netflix gives the user the jump to High Definition and gives them more freedom of viewing on other devices, although making it clear that this plan is not accessible from a TV.

The price of Netflix’s Mobile + plan is 4 euros per month, and it is already operational in India. But without a doubt, in the current reality in which many people consume series primarily on their mobile phones and tablets, giving them such a plan in Europe and the United States, a cheap Netflix, would surely succeed. What do you think of the idea?


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