4 Differences of Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe from Previous Spider-Man


Having continued its adventure for decades, Spider-Man was transferred to the Marvel Cinematic Universe some time ago. Spider-Man went through some changes after being transferred to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have listed the 4 differences between MCU’s Spider-Man and the previous Spider-Man.

The movie rights of Spider-Man, a character of Marvel Comics, have been in the hands of Sony Pictures since 1985. For this reason, Sony has always been behind Spider-Man films shot since the early 2000s. However, with an agreement made in 2015, Sony started making Spider-Man movies with Marvel.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) decided to keep the character’s story a little looser after transferring Spider-Man. In this way, Spider-Man films can continue to be shot for many years. Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland in MCU, basically differs from Spider-Man in comics and other movies. We will list you these 4 differences today.

Spider-Man gets his costume from Tony Stark
In the comics where the original story of Spider-Man is told, Peter Parker, discovering his superhero talents, designs and produces a costume to hide himself. Spider-Man uses this outfit on all his adventures.

When we got to the MCU, things changed a little. Instead of the primitive Spider-Man costume, which consisted of ski mask, goggles and sweatpants, Tony Stark gave Peter Parker a state-of-the-art costume.

Actually, Tony Stark is not giving costumes to Spider-Man for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Spider-Man costume called Iron Spider in the comics was given to Parker by Stark. However, the fact that the story of the original costume has changed completely creates differences in the story of Spider-Man.

A Young May Aunt
Those who follow Spider-Man since the comics know May Hala as a white-haired woman, in her 65s. However, Marvel has decided to change that in Spider-Man movies as well. There is now a young May Hala.

Rosemary Harris played May Hala in three Spider-Man films by Sony. Harris was quite similar to the May Hala character in the comics. However, when May MCU handled Spider-Man, May Hala also rejuvenated his character. MCU chose Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei for the role of May Hala. Marisa Tomei, who is in her early 50s, plays a very young May Hala character.

Peter Parker is no longer a photographer
In the original Spider-Man story, Peter Parker worked as a photographer in a newspaper alongside his studies at the university. Peter Parker also made photography in Spider-Man films shot by Sony Pictures. While Marvel returns Spider-Man to an earlier age with Tom Holland, he also decided to remain Peter Parker as a high school student.

Mary Jane bid farewell to Spider-Man story
One of the important facts that completed the Peter Parker character was his love for Mary Jane. But when Peter Parker was returned back in high school, Mary Jane had changed. Marvel replaces Mary Jane this time with Michelle Jones, who will be Peter Parker’s high school love. Marvel did not hesitate to cheat here either. The name of the character Michelle Jones, performed by Mary Jane, was chosen in accordance with the abbreviation “MJ”.


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