4 criteria required to work at Apple!


Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Europe to visit Apple stores, corporate offices and more. The successful businessman also received an honorary Master’s degree in Innovation and International Management from the University of Naples. Federico II.

Apple CEO Talks about the Virtues They are Looking For

After receiving his degree from the university, Cook also interviewed students. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who told the students that it is important for them to take care of the world around them in business, also named 4 important qualities that employees must have in order to succeed.

Tim Cook, who formulated the four qualities they are looking for in employees, also gave advice to those who want to work at Apple in the future. The CEO of Apple stated that in order to place them in his company, their employees must have the characteristics of cooperation, creativity, curiosity and experience.


Cook said collaboration is critical to building new products at Apple. Noting that individual input is really important, the Apple CEO said that only small teams working together can do incredible things. According to Cook, this is why they are looking for opportunities for collaboration in their employees.


Creativity turns out to be another important trait for working at Apple. Stating that they are always looking for people who think differently, Cook stressed that there is a place for creative people at Apple who can get around the problem and look at it from different angles.


Stating that there are no “stupid questions” for Apple, Tim Cook said that asking a lot of questions is out of curiosity, and this is what they are looking for. The CEO of Apple said that, in his opinion, it is very important that a person asks questions like a child and makes another person think.


Emphasizing that Apple employees should be experts in their fields, Cook emphasizes the importance of education and work experience in this regard. Tim Cook, who claims that when applying for a job in any industry, attention is paid to a person’s education and work experience, emphasizes that this characteristic is very important.

Koo announced that they were looking for these four features from the past during the hiring process and that they would continue to use this formula from now on. So, what do you think about the criteria that the CEO of Apple is looking for for hiring? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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