4 Cosas que no notaste del tráiler de Dynamite de BTS


BTS has already released the official trailer for Dynamite, the new song of the K-Pop group that premieres this Friday, August 21. Are you sure you saw this video well? We bring 5 details that are hidden in this short but interesting clip.

Jungkook, Taehyung, RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin became a trend following the premiere of the first official trailer for Dynamite, the long-awaited BTS comeback that idols have been working on for the past few months.

Some time ago, the boys of BTS revealed that this new comeback is very special for them since the 7 members of the K-Pop band participated directly in the creation of their new album, from the choreography and the lyrics of the songs to in the photo shoots. OMG!

‘Dynamite’ has created a lot of expectations among BTS fans, ARMY is looking forward to the moment when the official video for the idols’ new song is released and each preview of their new MV has caused a stir on social media.

After several hours of its launch, the Dynamite trailer already has more than 13 million views on the YouTube platform and broke a new record by becoming the first teaser to reach one million likes in less time, surpassing the mark that BTS had imposed a year ago with Boy With Luv.

Despite being a video of only 30 seconds, the Dynamite trailer hides several curiosities and details that you will surely love.

What has BTS prepared for their new comeback? This mystery could be solved thanks to the Dynamite teaser and these very special details of the video could be the answer you were looking for. You saw them?

What does the Dynamite lyrics mean?

Even though the Dynamite teaser only allowed us to appreciate a few seconds of what BTS’s new hit is going to sound like, this brief preview gave us a small fraction of the song’s lyrics. In the video we can hear:

Running around town with a bit of Funky and Soul. Light it up like dynamite.

Dynamite will be a song full of energy that will make us get up from our seats and dance to the rhythm of BTS.

According to Korean media reports, ‘Dynamite’ is a song of the ‘Disco Pop’ genre and it has come just at the perfect time to fill our lives with energy and give encouragement to those who are struggling every day due to the pandemic.

The BTS and The Beatles connection

Due to the great popularity that BTS has reached in recent years, it is no surprise that on several occasions they have been compared to The Beatles, one of the most iconic and successful bands of all time. Even the K-Pop group has managed to break several records set by the British band, earning the admiration of millions of people.

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During one of their last visits to the United States, BTS offered a Boy With Luv performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert very much in the style of The Beatles.

On this occasion, the idols paid tribute to the iconic rock band once again since during one of the scenes of the Dynamite teaser, we can see that behind Jungkook a large poster of Abbey Road, one of the albums, appears. most representative of The Beatles’ career.

GUCCI Lovers

As we have already mentioned before, the boys of BTS are great lovers of fashion and a considerable part of their earnings is dedicated to investing in clothes from the most prestigious brands that exist.

One of the most striking details of Dynamite’s teaser was the outfits of the idols; Each member of BTS shone in their own way in an outfit according to their personality. While they all look different from each other, something they have in common is that Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga and Taehyung chose garments from the new GUCCI pre-fall collection, their garments have costs from 1,100 to $ 4,200.

For him part, Jin decided to wear an incredible SAINT LAURENT shirt valued at 1,090 dollars, more than 24 thousand Mexican pesos. Wow

BTS in the style of Michael Jackson

As we have already seen thanks to the previews that BTS has shared about Dynamite, the concept of their comeback is focused towards the retro. From the outfits the idols wore in the MV to the locations they appear in, the Bangtan boys are very committed to bringing back vinyl, video games, and cassettes, as well as the greatest musicians in all of history.

BTS not only referenced The Beatles in Dynamite, they also paid tribute to Michael Jackson towards the end of the teaser, where we can see the 7 idols performing some of the most iconic dance steps of the king of pop, the unmistakable little kick that he performed The interpreter of ‘Beat It’ was recreated by BTS, an act that did not go unnoticed by the musician’s relativesico.

Taj Jackson, Michael’s nephew, thanked the idols and ARMY for all of their support over the years. Aww!


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